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PaizoCon 2019, well underway in Seattle, Washington, is four days of Pathfinder, Starfinder, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and more gaming, panels, and seminars. I’ll have a post on all my convention experiences in the coming days, but in addition to all these experiences, the Saturday night banquet and accompanying presentation is a huge information dump, full of news and surprises for up-coming Paizo releases and plans.

Here’s what we learned.


  • They talked about the stellar Starfinder Beginner Box, that recently released, and was recently introduced to you by GeekDad. It’s your “Ideal introduction to the world of Starfinder!” or roleplaying in general.
  • Attack of the Swarm Adventure Path, releasing August 2019, ($22.99) – “Survive and Attack from the swarm, an overwhelming, and single-minded collective of insectile aliens who desire to consume everything.” Would you like to know more? (I can’t take credit, that’s Rob McCreary’s reference!)
A swarm baddie here to gut you.
  • Alien Archive 3: August – 160 pages ($39.99), Aliens, weapons, armor, magic, tech, 19 new playable races including turtle folk, otter folk, and Sapient raptors. Also, new creature companion rules– pets, allies, and mounts. Now the drone isn’t your only option!
  • Character Operations Manual: November – 160 Pages ($39.99) – Three new character classes (biohacker, vanguard, witchwarper), themes and archetypes, alternate racial abilities for all core and legacy races, two new starship roles– magic officer anyone? Can’t wait for more cool character options!
  • The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path: February-July, 64 page volumes ($22.99) – “Unravel a mystery involving the Unseen and their plots in Near Space and the Pact Worlds.”


  • Starfinder: Year of a Thousand Bites: Wrapping up the epic 22 month first “year,” Year of a Thousand Bites brings the story back to the Pact Worlds. Players will pick from amongst their own to determine who will be the next First Seeker.
  • Pathfinder Second Edition Year One: Year of the Open Road – Will be made accessible to new and past players, reintroducing venture captains and other personalities.
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Society (new name): Year of Rotting Ruin –  Tells what happens after the Seige of Gallowspire, after Tyrants Grasp, after Passing of the Torch, “what are the implications of all of these storylines on the Adventure Card Game.

Adventure Card Game

ACG Cards
Redesigned cards
  • Free RPG Day – Story Book: We Be Heroes: Short story/adventure for use with the Core Adventure Card Game Box. The core box allows for any size story to be told.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Computer Game

  • Kingmaker Enhanced Addition: June – Free upgrade for existing players. New content and features, new class: Slayer, new items and weapons, improved balance, enhanced kingdom management.
  • Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC – Get back to roleplaying’s roots with a massive dungeon delve!

Pathfinder Kingmaker Reprint

Pathfinder (Second Edition)

  • Lost Omens World Guide: August – 136 Page ($36.99) – Covering changes to Golarion over the past ten years. Including lasting effects from the events of prior APs. Chapters on the main regions of Golarian, including a detailed section on Absalom and Isle of Kortos. Each region gets 7-10 backgrounds. Tons of great lore to get us caught up with the goings-on of Golarion since the last world guide released some tenish years ago.
Opening spread on Absalom and Starstone Isle.
Backgrounds from Lost Omens World Guide
  • Lost Omens Character Guide: October – 136 Pages ($34.99) – New heritages and ancestry feats for every Core Rulebook ancestry. Three new ancestries– Bugbea… er, we mean hobgoblin, leshy, and lizardfolk. Five complete factions (Hellknights, Pathfinder Society… ) with archetypes, and templates for making faction specific monsters.
  • Lost Omens Gods & Magic: January – 128 Pages ($34.99) – Gods from the Age of Lost Omens. Index of hundreds of deities– domains, favored weapons, and more. New domains, feats, and spells. Not just for clerics and the like!
  • Age of Ashes Adventure Path: July – December – 96 Pages – ($24.99) – Players are from a town near an abandoned Hellknight fort. Like all nosey kids, they explore the ruins only to find portals to various lands and discover a great draconic conspiracy involving the Dasha… I think?
  • Extinction Curse Adventure Path: January – June – 96 Pages – ($24.99) – Focusing on the Island of Kortos and the characters as a traveling band of circus performers. The characters must stop a horde of troglodytes from reclaiming magic gems that Aroden stole from them to bring bounty to Kortos in ages past.
  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook: August – 640 Pages ($59.99) – Jason Bulmahn went through the book in some detail. Here are some pages from the tome. Yeah, can’t wait until August!
Amiri looking mean.
  • Pathfinder Bestiary: August: 360 Pages ($49.99) – More than 400 monsters. See above link for pictures.
  • Fall of Plaguestone stand-alone adventure: August – 64 pages ($22.99, $14.99 for associated flip mat) – Tie in with Dwarven Forge represents one of the dungeons in the module. The module delves into how the characters meet.
  • Gamemastery Guide: Winter – Rules for chases, duels, victory points, sample NPCs, building spells, magic items, monsters. “The essential book for the GM who wants to add more depth and complexity to their rule system.”

Interested in specific game spoilers? Well, Jason handed out 100 index cards with snippet’s from the core rulebook, and they are being posted with the hashtag, #MyPathfinderSpoiler. Go check ’em out… they’re numbered, you can get the whole set!

So, that’s what I learned from the banquet– oh yes, and with Paizo staff and speical guests posted at each table, I enjoyed the meal with Sara Marie, Paizo’s Customer Service & Community Manager and of Oblivion Oath fame, as well as some other Paizo fans. Good food, good times!

Want to see the whole banquet presentation? It’s live on Twitch! You can also catch seminars and panels live for the rest of the con!

More to come!

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