Free trip to PaizoCon 2019

Win a Trip to PaizoCon 2019 From the ‘Roll for Combat’ Actual-Play ‘Starfinder’ Podcast!

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Free trip to PaizoCon 2019Last year Roll for Combat sent multiple people to PaizoCon 2018, and they’re at it again! This year though, unbelievably, anyone in the world is eligible to win a trip to PaizoCon 2019 in Seattle thanks to Roll for Combat!

Using Paizo’s popular science-fantasy Starfinder rules, Roll for Combat is an actual-play podcast blasting their way through the Dead Suns Adventure Path. Listening to this week’s episode will give you the scoop on the contest. (The podcast is also available in your typical podcast apps.)

If you’re not a listener, or were in the past but have fallen behind, it’s a great time to hop in as they are just starting Book 4 of the Dead Suns Starfinder Adventure Path. Also, as they do periodically on the show, in this episode Stephen Glicker gives a synopsis of what’s happened so far. So you can hop in without having to listen to all 69 existing episodes—though I recommend you do!

Ok, ok, but how does the competition for a free trip to PaizoCon 2019 work? What I have gleaned from the podcast so far—you (at least 18 years old) listen to the show, every week, starting with the February 5th episode, and for the next few episodes. Sometime around early April, there will be a form to fill out. You provide your information, including a required Discord ID, and answer one question from each episode such as “how much total damage did Rusty do during combat in that episode?” Sometime mid- to late April, Roll for Combat will randomly select a winner from all entrants with correct and complete entries.

The winner will receive a trip to PaizoCon 2019 including airfare (or a portion for some international locations), hotel room, a 4-day pass to PaizoCon, and a ticket to the PaizoCon banquet. Again, this is open to anyone in the world, however, with the caveat that since travel from anywhere in the world could be quite expensive, they will provide a stipend for a certain amount of airfare. Anything over that amount and the winner will have to cover the rest. Pretty sweet!

For full details available so far, be sure to listen to Roll for Combat Episode 70: Never Give Up, Maybe Surrender?”

What is PaizoCon you ask? PaizoCon is a four-day gaming convention this Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27, in Seattle, Washington.

The annual celebration of Paizo, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and the folks who play. From special guests to once-in-a-lifetime game events to previews of future releases, PaizoCon is the annual epicenter of all things Paizo. Gamers from all over the world converge for a laid-back, gaming-focused gathering unlike any other.

Game of Starfinder in play
Some ‘Starfinder’ being played with James Sutter at PaizoCon 2017 when it was first released. In addition to ‘Starfinder,’ you’ll be able to play ‘Pathfinder,’ ‘The Adventure Card Game,’ and other games. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

GeekDad has written about PaizoCon numerous times here. My son and I have been going for years, and it’s our favorite convention! PaizoCon is large enough to fill my schedule with gaming, seminars, and other events, while still being small enough that you can easily interact with any Paizo staff, other gaming celebrities, and take in most of the con.

Roll for Combat is an excellent Starfinder actual-play podcast taking us through the Dead Suns adventure path. We’ve also written about this superbly produced and always entertaining show. Even if you can’t make PaizoCon, you should check it out!  Want to know more about Starfinder? GeekDad also has some posts on that topic as well!

In addition to trying to win tickets from Roll for Combat, tickets are still available on the Paizo site. If you need to get a hotel room, that’s the most likely component to sell out, so you may want to get on that if you’re not the Roll for Combat winner!

Spencer Crittenden and banquet table
Here’s me, on the far left, with ‘Roll for Combat’s GM Stephen Glicker on the far right. Oh, hey, and there’s Spencer Crittenden, of ‘HarmonQuest’ and other fame, there in the upper right. You too could win a spot at the banquet. There’s also still banquet tickets available if you are already attending and want to just purchase one. It’s a must-attend PaizoCon event! Photo by Dan Tharp, @Piazo.
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