Get Wizard Hex for Free — Limited Time!

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Wizard Hex on the iPad, by Trouble BrothersWizard Hex on the iPad, by Trouble Brothers

Wizard Hex on the iPad, by Trouble Brothers

Wizard Hex is a gorgeous-looking board game for the iPhone and iPad by Trouble Brothers, the folks behind Cargo Runners (a board game app I reviewed earlier this year). I’d mentioned Wizard Hex before, in my post about the future of board games, because Trouble Brothers has taken an interesting approach to digital board games.

Today, thanks to Free App Calendar, Wizard Hex is FREE! I’ll have to admit: when I first downloaded it, back at the beginning of the year, I didn’t actually play it much because they didn’t have online multiplayer and I only had an iPod touch. It’s hard to sit six people around a tiny screen like that. Since then, though, they’ve incorporated online multiplayer and even voice chat. If you like abstract strategy games, go grab a copy — it’s only guaranteed to be free for a couple days; after that it may go back up to the regular price.

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