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We have entered the epicenter of the Forman renaissance. Or perhaps we should call it the Forman dynasty. Jack Forman has once again annexed his role in the popular children’s music group Recess Monkey and perch as host of SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live‘s “Live from the Monkey House.” With his second solo CD, Office Hours, Jack maintains his status as a multi-talented multi-hyphenate for the preteen set.

Through his fictional press agent Chive, Jack points out, “Though I have kids of my own now and am surrounded by them on the radio and band shows, I think the childlike energy of these songs begins with the eight-year-old in me that never really ever went away… though let’s be honest: much of his hair did.”

Jack Forman
Jack Forman keeps “Office Hours.”

Jack’s music answers many questions, including the mystery of “This Cat (Will Eat Anything)” – the dealbreaker is Pop Tarts. You can just imagine what happened to inspire “No Tooting on the Dance Floor,” although Jack metaphorically warns “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” Sticking with the professional theme, Jack urges listeners to have “#Goals,” such as “be a bird – like a mascot for a hockey team.” His Mister Rogers-esque tribute “Harmony With You” reminds kids that no matter how bad things appear, there’s always someone in their corner. Jack’s son Oscar duets (so to speak) to rebut Jack’s claims on “When I Was Young”:

When I was a kid, we only had three Star Wars movies. Can you even imagine that?


And my Gameboy didn’t even work at night!

How long ago was this, Dad?
We’re talking mid-to-late 1980s here.

This is all too much.

Jack has a casual but worrisome Star Wars obsession. Past solo and Recess Monkey tunes include “Chewie to Your Han” and “Yodeling Yoda.” Jack now mines the rich tapestry of the George Lucas empire with “These Droids,” a return to Tatooine, the fictional world that now boasts its own Wikipedia page. Thus proving once again that you can take a 40-year-old one-liner from a sci-fi film and turn it into musical comedy gold.

On Office Hours, Jack puts on his big boy adult clothes and demonstrates why he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the ultra-hyper-mega competitive world of children’s music. Well, the first two-thirds of that statement are true. And really that’s all you need to know.

Office Hours is available on February 15 from Jack Forman’s website and Amazon.

Here is the video for Jack Forman’s song “Yodeling Yoda”:

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