Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: F Is for Football

BAFS Podcasts

I love time traveling. Who doesn’t? Whereas I don’t have a DeLorean or a TARDIS (yet) in this day and age we do have ways to travel through time. This Podcast is one way I do that with my kids. Usually we use this power for good, to keep experiences as a time capsule that we can revisit (like when we took them to the College Football Hall of Fame or to their first college football game). Sometimes, however, I use it to remind them of things they said. 

Today is a day like that. Now that the NFL season has wrapped up – I felt it necessary to travel back in time a few months to the start of the NFL season. We did a Podcast at that time about what we thought was going to happen. Did our theories on the season hold after Week 1? Find out within!

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