Review – Electric Warriors #3: Alien Rebellion

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Electric Warriors #3 cover, via DC Comics.

Electric Warriors #3 – Steve Orlando, Writer; Travel Foreman, Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: Deep Dive Into DC’s Galactic World

Ray: Steve Orlando’s high-stakes future-set thriller continues to unfold in Electric Warriors #3, as new alien heroes and villains emerge and the horrors of the twisted game they play are fully revealed. When we last left off, the two champions of Earth had been pitted against each other as the lingering tension between humans and the evolved animals boiled over. War Cry and Deep Dweller both give their all, but ultimately the human Navarro has the killer instinct and finishes off his cephalopod rival – or so it seems. Anyone who knows enough about octopus biology knows these things are more complex than it appears. I didn’t really buy that she was gone, but the crisis of faith it causes Oscar/Ian is worth it to drive the story forward. While the combat scenes are what the series was sold on, it’s actually the moments in between the fights that drive the story forward.

There are quite a few interesting subplots through this issue, including the emergence of a ruthless young Khund warrior who dispatches the games’ most prominent warrior and a friendship between two aliens – one a Dominator from the villainous species who is developing a conscience unusual for his series. Over this series, we’ve slowly seen characters emerge and form a tight unit to survive the games, and several are developing suspicions that the games aren’t what they seem. Those suspicions turn out to be true in a horrific way by the end of the issue, with some of the series’ most disturbing visuals. The comparisons to other properties like The Hunger Games are inevitable, but Orlando and Foreman make this book stand out with its complex sci-fi setting in an era of the DCU never explored before. Three issues in and I have no clue where this story is going, but I can’t wait to find out.

Earth vs. Earth. Via DC Comics.

Corrina: I wouldn’t call the characters emerging as “slow,” because we’re only on issue #3 and, so far, we’ve seen Oscar’s decision to replace his brother, been taken to the world of champions, saw Oscar lose, then win, a battle, and had a whole host of alien characters introduced. Long-time DC readers may recognize some of the worlds but maybe not all.

That’s a lot for three issues, as it also includes hints of one love affair, and seeds the possibilities of two different partners for Oscar, both alien.

Obviously, the story has made good use of these three issues, moving us from Oscar wanting to represent Earth well to a galaxy-spanning vile, horrific conspiracy that seems to benefit a select few, where the warriors realize they’re cattle. The second issue was a bit confusing but Electric Warriors #3 brings this all into focus, giving all our warriors a choice between what they see as honor and, perhaps, what is the truth.

Also, Serene is awesome and probably the series’ breakout character.

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