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My Arcade’s Retro Champ Takes Real NES/Famicom Gaming Everywhere

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Retro Champ
I didn’t make the trek to Las Vegas for CES this year, but I have been keeping an eye on a handful of sentimental favorites to see what they have cooking for the coming months. Far and away, my favorite new reveals have thus far come from one place: My Arcade.

The My Arcade Pocket and Mini Players—diminutive alternatives for those of us with neither finances or the floor space for full arcade cabinets—have already made an appearance on last year’s holiday gift guide, but don’t be surprised to find yourself reading about some upcoming additions as well. A new partnership with Taito has secured the rights to classic games like Bubble Bobble and Elevator Action (not to mention deep cut Don Doko Don), while its existing relationship with Bandai Namco has been expanded to include new Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug products.

My Arcade’s real champ, however, will surely prove to be its Retro Champ. Retailing for a paltry $79.99, the Retro Champ console is the portable NES player you didn’t know you needed!

Compatible with both NES and Japanese Famicom cartridges, the Retro Champ offers an astounding 35 hours (via an updated press release, a much more logical) three to five hours of playtime via its built-in rechargeable batteries, ably complemented by a sizable 7-inch screen. And if you get tired of playing on the go, the Champ supports HDMI output and My Arcade wireless controllers (sold separately).

With projected availability this June, the Retro Champ is officially my most anticipated video gaming release of the summer!

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