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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 85: Days Gone

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Have one last edition of Radio Free Hipster to help you close out the year. Go ahead; I made it just for you.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 85 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Have a great year, y’all!

00:44 The Grammar Club – “Danger Machine” (content warning)
03:45 Talking / Sentient Pulse – “Shrouded Void (Loneliness)
04:16 Wordburglar – “Where the Words At? (prod. by Coins, cuts by DJ Irate)
07:07 Pulsing – “I
10:31 Dethlehem – “Chasing the Keeper
14:55 LEX the Lexicon Artist – “Curse of Creativity (prod. J.W. Friedman)
18:32 More talking / Sentient Pulse – “Shrouded Void (Loneliness)”
19:30 Supercommuter – “Bad Ideas
21:48 Tachichi – “Everything (prod. Sean One)” (content warning)
24:38 shredd – “Blasting the Sand Demon (Kingdom of Nasrad)
29:27 Lucia Fasano – “Auld Lang Syne
30:31 Even more talking / Sentient Pulse – “Shrouded Void (Loneliness)”
32:28 groboclone – “Rage Against Vanessa Carlton” (content warning)

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