Spooktacular Halloween Treats—LEGO Mode

Hacking the Holidays Toys

This year, up your Halloween game by decorating with LEGO, or even giving LEGO treats out. Check out some options we’ve put together to share the spooky spirit including blindpacks, Brickheadz, Creator kits, and inspiration for your own designs.


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LEGO Blindpacks can be a lot of fun, and a unique treat for your favorite spooks. The Wizarding World packs are extra fun, ranging from You-Know-Who to Percival the Obscuruial. The best part, in my opinion, is that blindpacks are their own form of trick-or-treat! Will your spooky visitors take home their first Dobby or their 4th Queenie? They can’t know, which is the best part of a blindpack. And for personal gratification, you will know that you win the most-popular-house contest, because LEGO trumps full-size candy bars every time.


The Brickheadz Witch is a fun decoration. With Brickheadz sets, you get a small but stout build with lots of room for creativity. This seasonal exclusive includes a purple pointed witches hat, a broomstick, a pumpkin patch, a cauldron with bones and eyes, and a stark black and purple tree. There is no doubt that this little friend will bewitch friends and family, adults and children alike.


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The LEGO Creator Vampire and Bat kit is another great decoration. The vampire, in all his undead glory, is swathed up in robes and has a bat familiar to keep him company. The bat has to be one of my favorite Creator designs in a long time, because it is simple, takes few pieces, and is so darn adorable it hurts.


To add to the merriment, I designed my own Halloween decoration for my door. This kit primarily features pieces from the Jestro’s Volcano Lair set I reviewed a couple of years ago. The set features many black and gold elements, as well as oodles of orange transparent pieces—perfect for Halloween decor. The chains, pennant, letter and goblet also come from that kit.

The design is mounted on a LEGO magnet pilfered from my Winter Snowman Building Kit, and build up from there. I used a Minecraft crafting table for the workbench, and elements I had laying around filled in the quill, potion, chair, and table. Making seasonal kits like this one are a lot of fun for me, so I’m never short on holiday decor!

As a final thought, if you think you’re out of time to buy supplies for Halloween, don’t forget that all of these products are available on Amazon, with free 2-day shipping for Prime members.

Disclaimer: LEGO provided review units of the blindpacks and Brickheadz Witch for review purposes.

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