Review – Supergirl #22: Escape from Mogo

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Supergirl #22 variant cover, credit to DC Comics.

Supergirl #22 – Mark Andreyko, Writer; Kevin Maguire, Penciller; Sean Parsons, Wade Von Grawbadger, Inkers; FCO Plascencia, Chris Sotomayor, Colorists


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: Finally, Mogo Speaks!

Ray: Mark Andreyko’s take on the Girl of Steel has been very strong so far, sending her to the stars in search for answers about the destruction of Krypton – and pitting her against the Green Lantern Corps. As Supergirl #22 starts, she’s managed to get away from her pursuers and confront the holographic ghost of Appa Ali Apsa, who confesses to his role in Rogol Zaar’s rampage. Although he was not directly responsible, denying Zaar’s request to commit pre-emptive genocide, he still feels the burden from beyond and gives her a crystal that he says will lead her to the answers she seeks. She takes it, but he soon fades away before giving her more answers – and she soon finds the Corps bearing down on her. While the human Lanterns are trying to broker a peace and help her out of this situation, Salaak has had it with her rule-breaking and isn’t looking to compromise. That kicks off a chase segment that shows as entertaining as Supergirl is as a hero, putting her on the other side really spices up the title.

Kevin Maguire is a really underrated artist and letting him draw the entire Green Lantern Corps and their elaborate headquarters is a great way of showing off exactly what he can do when he cuts loose. The chase sequence has a lot of great little side gags, like Kyle’s choice of construct, or Krypto and Bd’g getting into a chase because nothing sets off a dog like a squirrel. Kara solving Kyle’s trap in the most brute-force way possible made me laugh, as did John Stewart’s reaction. Then there’s the twist Mogo plays in her escape, with his motivation being surprisingly profound and the effect showing just how powerful he really is. This is one of the better Green Lantern comics I’ve read in a while, even though they were technically the antagonists. Now we’ve got Kara on the run and on the trail of the other co-conspirators – and one of them is looking for her as well. This is a completely different kind of Supergirl run from the one Orlando and Houser did, but it’s quickly becoming just as good.

Closer to the truth. Credit to DC Comics.

Corrina: I wasn’t keen on the sniping and fighting between Supergirl and the Green Lantern Corp in the last issue but the tension between two sides who should trust each other worked much better in Supergirl #22. Supergirl is off-balance and desperate. The Green Lantern Corps is a bit tired of people disregarding their orders and rules. Neither side wants to fight but neither side will give an inch. I can’t blame Kara, she’s not going to hand over her only chance to find out what happened to Krypton. Her need for answers is deeper and more intense than Superman’s because Krypton was Kara’s home in a way it never was for her cousin.

I must take a moment to admire the artwork, especially the coloring, in the red that surrounds Kara, in the green constructs, and in Mogo’s forms deep inside him. I also love the close-up panel of Mogo lending one last bit of support to Kara.

Bendis set up the mystery of what actually destroyed Krypton but this series is taking that breadcrumb and making great use of it.

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