Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for Week 40 of 2018

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The board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending October 5, 2018.

  • Iello has curated some playlists on Spotify for their games. You can check the tunes out here.
  • Renegade has acquired the rights to Stefan Feld’s award-winning game, Trajan. Look for it to be on shelves in December.
  • Scythe Encounters is a collection of fan-generated encounter cards for the incredibly popular Stonemaier game, Scythe. The expansion will be released on December 7.
  • Kick-Ass, the CMON game based on the Mark Millar comic, is out now. Being a hero ain’t easy!
  • This week, Eggertspiele announced that Alexander Pfister’s follow up to Great Western Trail will be called Blackout Hong Kong and will be available at Essen. In the game, players will be challenged to stabilize the city after the power grid collapses. It’s largely resource management and the game will include a five chapter campaign. Look for it in retail soon after the German game fair.
  • Renegade heralded Hokkaido, another map game from the creators of Honshu (read our review). The tile laying map builder will feature new mechanics and strategy and becomes available in February 2019.
  • Z-Man introduced a light-playing, cooperative card game called Narabi this week. In the game, players work together to create a peaceful Zen garden.
  • Speaking of gardens, this week’s image is from jumbo-sized Takenoko.
  • Scheduled to hit shelves next week are another expansion for Clank!, Expeditions: Gold and Silk, and Tiny Epic Zombies Deluxe (looking for tiny epic brains).

At GeekDad, we write a lot about tabletop games. Here’s what we’ve written about this past week:

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Jonathan Liu: Skulk Hollow, Dogtag, Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates, Monarch, Mutants, That’s Not Lemonade, Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef
  • Simon Yule: D&D: Curse of Strahd
  • Robin Brooks: Keyforge, Wildlands, Ticket to Ride: New York, Wild West Exodus, Elemenz, Red7, Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault, Troika
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