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I buy a lot of ice chests. To be completely honest though, I buy the relatively inexpensive kind that you would get from any of your typical big box stores. For my regular 9-to-5 job, I plan community events that are usually held outdoors. This includes large tailgating events for schools and barbecue lunches for golf tournaments and such. Needless to say, we use many coolers for the precooked food, bottled waters and soft drinks. I probably have to buy new ones every six months or so because they wear out from constant use.

In my spare time, my son is a Boy Scout, so we do a lot of camping. In this case, I try to get ice chests that meet the need of staying cooler longer and being easy to transport. It is funny how heavy coolers can be, even with nothing in them due to the massive amount of insulation that they pack into them and the heavy grade plastic.

It was not until I received the new version of the Coolest Cooler, that I have really appreciated the design and function of something as simple as an ice chest. Right out of the box I noticed the attention to details. It is already fully assembled, but each attachment accessory is individually packaged and labeled to instruct you in its function.

What makes the Coolest Cooler so special? Well, here are the bullet points:

  • Built-in blender with included, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Wireless, water-resistant, removable, outdoor-caliber Bluetooth speaker
  • Waterproof USB device charger
  • LED lighting built-in to lid
  • Built-in bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher
  • 4 built-in plates, ceramic knife and corkscrew
  • Removable divider that doubles as a cutting board
  • Done-in-One tie-down bungee cord
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Rugged, oversize wheels
  • Telescoping handle
  • Coolest MixMaster smoothie and cocktail guide

Optional add-ons include:

  • An additional Coolest Bluetooth speaker to allow for Party Pairing® functionality for 2 speakers up to 30′ apart
  • Solar USB lid which also doubles as a bartop table
  • Magnetic dining utensils
  • Additional blenders
  • Additional plates (which can double as Frisbees)

This cooler truly is a Swiss Army knife of outdoor entertainment. I did not get the Solar lid option, so I cannot speak to it functionality, but now I wish I did. The lithium battery that is included, powers the blender and it also powers the USB charger. This in turn, can be used to charge the Bluetooth speaker and any other battery drained devices (iPhone) you might have. It would be nice, especially here in Texas to capitalize on the Sun to power on all these items.

Let’s get to the details on this cooler. First there is the most important function – its cooler abilities. Yes, it does keep ice cold. In my outdoor test, I filled the cooler with supplies and ice. Everything stayed below 40 degrees for a full weekend (Friday 5 pm until Sunday 3 pm) and there was still solid usable ice in the cooler. I have no doubt that it would be good for at least another 24 hours, if not a bit longer.

Fully loaded, it was very heavy. The cooler by itself empty, weighs 40 pounds—so with ice, snacks and drinks, we were pushing almost 70 pounds. What made this bearable over say a Yeti, which would weigh about the same, is the rubber oversize wheels and oversize handle. The Coolest rolls like a dream on any terrain, including sand, which is very important and it feels solid with the handle – like pushing a loaded moving dolly.

Speaking of other ice chests, the Coolest has stainless steel piano hinges on the lid. This is a huge improvement over the competition that typically uses plastic hinges or small metal hinges. The plastic hinges break after a few months of use and the small hinges can strip away from the plastic or shift when used extensively. Now that we have talked about the basic features on this high-end cooler, lets talk about the gadgets that has made it famous. First up, the blender.

The blender that is built in to the Coolest cooler is a great addition. Not really that handy on a regular camping trip (unless you’re glamping), but great to have for tailgating and other merry-making. We have personally used it for tailgate margaritas and smoothies. Technically, the smoothies were a recipe from the Coolest Mix Master guide, which is included with the chest—we tried one called the Orange Augustus – which is really an Orange Julius. Anyway, the blender is perfect for these type creations. It only has one burst speed and runs for about 20 seconds.

The blender is powered by the removable rechargeable lithium battery. The battery serves double duty by also proving a source of power for any USB chargeable devices, including the Bluetooth speaker. It has its own compartment inside half of the lid and is cleverly designed. Also there, is a built-in LED light that shines into the cooler! I know it is a simple thing, but it is a huge help for anyone that has ever needed something from the cooler at night.

The Bluetooth speaker included with the Coolest Cooler is small and rubber covered, making it splash-resistant but not waterproof. It has two small tweeters, while the back of the speaker holds a larger 2-by-3-inch bass driver. It sounds good for a speaker that size, but the ability to pair two of them for true stereo sounds, really makes it exceptional. The speaker can also be stored in a storage compartment on the front of the cooler, which is a nice feature too.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a high-end cooler like a Yeti brand, you really should look into the Coolest Coolers. The price is about the same for the same amount of chilled space (55 quarts), but you get so much more with the Coolest. It may not be the “brand” that is most popular, but its looks and features will make you the most popular person at the tailgate, beach or even camping. Find out more at:

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