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9 Nifty New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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new kickstarter projectsFrom They Live sunglasses that block out screens to a turntable with a detachable Bluetooth speaker, these nine new Kickstarter projects are exciting!

IRL Glasses – Glasses that Block Screens

One way to wean yourself from screens: render them unviewable.


Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool

It’s a metronome, a tuner, a sound meter, and a plain old watch. It’s popular.


The Fenik No-Ice Cooler

Started as a student project at MIT, uses evaporative cooling, much like… humans.


Orbital 2: Next-generation creative joystick

From Japan, a fun alternative to endless keyboard shortcuts.


Laserlight Core – Projection Bike Light for Safer Cycling

Beryl, formerly Blaze, revamps the light that’s on bike-share fleets everywhere.


DUO: Turntable with a Detachable Bluetooth Speaker

When you want to dabble in vinyl without it taking over your apartment.


BEERMKR: All-in-one craft beer brewing machine

The countertop brewing revolution marches on.

BioLite HeadLamp: Wildly Capable, Simply Comfortable

Fourth project from BioLite, which has traveled an interesting path in outdoor gear.


THE SONGULARITY – a pop album by humans and machines

Morrissey lyrics + Amazon reviews of a workout DVD = generative genius.

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