Quilo 2 Kickstarter

Kickstarter Alert: Quilo 2.0 Smart Fan – Room-Sized Evaporative Cooler With Alexa Controls


Quilo 2 Kickstarter

Back a few months ago, I reviewed the first-generation Quilo cooler, which we continue to use in our master bedroom. The Quilo is an evaporative coolers (not air conditioners) that blows dry air through water to cool and humidify. They are specifically good in drier climates, and are a much less expensive way to bring the temperature down that AC.

Well, the Quilo folks have just launched the Kickstarter for their second-generation fan, this time adding true HEPA air filtration, as well as Wi-fi connectivity with Alexa support.

At this point, they’re only making a good product better. Through this Summer and Fall, we have our first-gen unit on almost every day (and sometimes into the nights when it’s warm). I can’t wait to try out the new edition, and at the VIP Early Bird price of $149, they cost less than some fans on the market that don’t have evaporative cooling, or wi-fi connectivity. Hurry over and check the Kickstarter project today!

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