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Talk about good timing! There are two new Kickstarters related to gaming and dragons, and there’s still plenty of time to back them if they interest you.

Legendary Dragons

Legendary Dragons

JetPack7 has just Kickstarted a new D&D 5e sourcebook featuring, you guessed it… dragons. The book is titled Legendary Dragons, and it’s going to be filled with not just dragons, but also creatures that share a similar bloodline—wyverns, drakes, hydras, and more. It’s starting out with 12 new dragon variations (growing up to 20 with stretch goals), but with stretch goals… this is going to climb much higher. By the time this post goes up, I believe the project should be funded—it’s at 17K and needs to hit 19K with 28 days left.

Here’s the thing—I have JetPack7’s book, Masters and Minions… and it is AWESOME. High-quality cover, artwork that will blow you away, and well-designed stats. JetPack7 doesn’t cut corners, so I know this book is going to be a must-have resource for not just DMs, but also players who love dragons and their cousins.

Here’s a listing from the Kickstarter page of everything you’ll find in the 100+ page book:

  • New Kobolds
  • New Dragon Races
  • New Lairs
  • Dragon Cults
  • Dragon Riders
  • Dragon Hunters
  • Dragon Hunting Factions
  • Dragon Hunting & Monster Hunting Economies
  • New spell components you can only get by hunting Dragons
  • Enhance existing spells with your new Dragon spell components
  • Dragon hoard Items
  • Dragon Tactics and how to use Dragons effectively in your game!
  • Aerial Combat Options
  • And much, much moreā€¦

Check out the video and write-up on the Legendary Dragon‘s official Kickstarter page HERE.

Lost Dragons


Having those new Legendary Dragons available is great, but what’s a DM to do about getting them on the tabletop and scaring hapless heroes silly? Don’t get me wrong—theater-of-the-mind is great and all, but I’m the kind of DM that likes to slam a miniature down on the tabletop at the right moment to get a reaction from my players. And let’s be honest—dropping a full-sized dragon on the table is going to get a reaction.

There are plenty of dragon miniatures out there from all sorts of sources, BUT most of them are your basic run-of-the-mill Monster Manual sort. Danny (the 3D Printing DM) hopes to change all that with his new Kickstarter titled Lost Dragons. This one started out with 6 BRAND NEW dragon sculpts that will be available to backers as STL files suitable for 3D printing, but stretch goals have already been reached and pushed it to 14! And there are still 26 days left in the Kickstarter.

I cannot do this Kickstarter justice in a short Geek Links post. You’ve got to head over to the Kickstarter and look at all the sketches and sculpts that have been created for the 3D models. And because they’re coming in different poses and can be printed, you’ll be able to paint them to suit whatever type of dragon you toss at your players, including those from the above Legendary Dragons Kickstarter.

Check out the video and write-up on the Lost Dragon‘s official Kickstarter page HERE.

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