Edifier ‘Luna e255 Active Speaker System’


Edifier and Cooler Master Team Up With the e255 Active Speaker System.

What is it?

The Edifier Luna e255 Active Speaker system is a 5.1 surround sound system with 5 active (Independently) Powered speakers and a subwoofer.

The user may connect their home theatre or computer system to the unit via an optical cable.  The Speakers connect to the base unit via Bluetooth and then adjust sound levels accordingly, to give a wonderfully powerful (380 watts) sound.


  • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:RMS 16W × 5 (treble) + 20W × 5 (mid-range) SW: RMS 220W
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY:AUX:     Satellite: 600mV±50mV
  • Subwoofer: 750mV±50mV
  • Optical:     Satellite: 300±50mFFS
  • Subwoofer: 550±50mFFS
  • INPUT TYPE:Optical x 3 /AUX
  • BASS UNIT:8 inch (210mm)
  • PACKAGE SIZE:618 x 500 x 493 (mm)
  • MID-RANGE UNIT:FL/FR/C/SL/SR: 3 inch (82mm)
  • TREBLE UNIT:Φ19mm silk dome


I set up the Edifier Luna 255 Active Power Speaker System in my media room and plugged in my Samsung 4k Blueray player along with my Sony PlayStation 4. Later, I took the system to my computer room and set it up on my gaming PC.

I wanted to try the Edifier Luna 255 Active Power Speaker Systemin different rooms doing various tasks to look at the flexibility of the product. The system put out crisp highs and deep lows. This made gaming very enjoyable as I was zipping around New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 and hunting vampirism  Neverwinter on my PC. In the living room, Avengers Infinity War felt like the global assault it should be on my ears.

The Bluetooth is great for not running speaker wires but having to power each unit does cause its own set of problems. Luckily, power sources are still much easier to find than running 25 ft of speaker wire, and the advantages of having information sent digitally to each unity also outweighs any negative that you may encounter.

My Thoughts

The Edifier Luna 255 Active Power Speaker System is both beautiful to look at and to listen too.

A masterful mixture of aesthetics and technology that will satisfy designers and audiophiles. Looking at it, I feel as if it came from the same worlds as Portal or No Man’s Sky. It certainly has a better style than the traditional basic black cube-shaped speakers in my home theatre system and a sound that is on par or better than anything I already own.

Not only do I want to own a set of these, I may want a couple in different colors for my living room, computer room, and office. The Edifier Luna 255is flexible enough to handle my movies, music, and gaming.

The Luna is not cheap coming in at $750.00 but it is not meant to be the cheap Bluetooth speaker that you bring to the beach or a picnic. This unit is for the technophile or audiophile that wants to add a large dose of style to the room they are designing. Frankly, for a complete quality system, it is quite a value.

You can purchase the Edifier Luna 255 Active Power Speaker System for $750.00 Here

A Test Unit of the Edifier Luna 255 Active Power Speaker System was made available by Edifier

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