U.K. Students Release the Kraken Into the North Sea – Follow it In Real Time


Nifty science project using some custom-built tech. (The tracking website design is pretty slick, too)

Our school released an Ocean Drifter yesterday into the North Sea. It was designed and constructed by students between 15 and 18 years old.

It is currently a proof of concept and if all goes well we hope to deploy a second buoy into the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland.

The electronics are based around an Atmel Atmega 328 and use a U-Blox GPS for positioning and a Rockblock Satellite Modem (which utilises the Iridium Satellite Network) for communications. It is also sending back wave measurements from its on-board accelerometer.

via Students at my secondary school released an ocean drifter into the North Sea which they built themselves – track its progress here : science.

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