The BLUETTI AC2A Portable Power Station Makes Taking Power with You Easier Than Ever

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Lately portable power has become more important as people want to take their devices with them wherever they go. In addition, having a portable power station for use during power outages can provide peace of mind. BLUETTI has recently released their AC2A portable power station which is small enough to take with you but can still power your devices whether away from electrical outlets or during an emergency. 

What Is the BLUETTI AC2A Portable Power Station?

The BLUETTI AC2A is a portable power station which can be charged via solar or the grid and provides both DC and AC power up to 120V and 300W. The BLUETTI AC2A is currently available directly from BLUETTI as well as the BLUETTI Amazon store. The suggest retail price is $249. However, there is a sale at the BLUETTI site as well as a $60 coupon on Amazon which drops the price down to only $179! If that were not enough, BLUETTI has even provided a coupon code for GeekDad readers to save $5 at their site:  geekdad5

Product Components and Specs

The BLUETTI AC2A portable power station comes with the following:

  • AC2A power station
  • AC charging cable
  • Solar charging cable
  • User Manual
AC2A with AC and Solar charging cables.
The AC2A comes with cables for charging with AC power from an outlet or from solar panels. Photo by Michael Knight.

The BLUETTI AC2A is their smallest portable power station yet. It weighs only 7.9 pounds with dimensions of 9.8″x5.9″x7.1″ . It uses LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries with a capacity of 204.8Wh with a life cycle of 3000+ recharge cycles to 80% original capacity. The AC2A offers several output features. There are two 120 volt / 2.5 Amp outlets for 300 watts total power. It uses a pure sine wave inverter for AC power. A single USB-C port with 100W max is complimented by 2 USB-A ports at 5V/2.4A which is perfect for charging cell phones and other personal devices. There is also a 12V/10A DC car outlet. For charging the AC2A, there are inputs for the included AC or solar charging cables. A charging cable with plug for a cigarette lighter port to charge from your car can also be used, but is available separately for purchase. There is even a carrying handle built right into the power supply, making it easy to carry to where you need it.

the handle of the AC2A
The carrying handle of the AC2A is built right into the device at the top rear. Photo by Michael Knight.

How to Use the BLUETTI AC2A Portable Power Station

The BLUETTI AC2A is quite easy to use. If you need to charge it using an AC outlet, just plug in the included AC charging cable and the AC2A will fully charge in as little as 1.2 hours in turbo charging mode. If you need power quickly, it can charge up to 80% in only 45 minutes. Using the solar charging cable and your own 200W solar panels, it will take about 1.5 hours with prime sunshine and an ideal orientation. When charged, the AC2A can be used to power a number of your electrical devices and appliances. The two AC outlets can put out 120 volts with up to 300 watts of power. That is enough to run a 60 W minifridge for 2.3 hours, a laptop for 2.7 hours, or a blender for about 1 hour. With the DC power through the three USB ports you can charge a drone, a tablet, or a phone as well as many other devices. To begin sending power to a device, just connect it and then press either the AC power or DC power button. 

AC2A charging with AC power cord.
The input for the AC power cord is located on the side of the AC2A. Photo by Michael Knight.

The BLUETTI app lets you take more control over the AC2A. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, you can connect to the power station via Bluetooth. Then the AC2A can be connected to your Wi-Fi network so you can control it remotely. The app offers some great features. You can turn on and off both the DC and AC power and monitor how many watts of power you coming as input from either the grid or solar panels as well as how many watts of power are going out for both AC and DC. Within settings, you can choose from standard, turbo, and silent charging modes. Another great feature with the app is to customize settings. You can change the charging mode between standard, silent, and turbo. This changes the wattage of the input power for charging. In turbo mode and standard mode, a fan run as different speeds to keep the unit cool while charging. In silent mode, it charges at about a third of the wattage of turbo mode, so it takes longer, but there is no fan or sound. The app also has an option to set an autosleep for the display so that it will turn off after a set amount of time. You can even activate a power lifting mode that allows the AC2A to allow for a surge of power of up to 600W without overloading the power station. If you do overload the station, just press the AC button twice to reset it. 

App screens showing settings and power status
The app not only lets you monitor power input and output, but also offers several settings to customize the AC2A to your liking. Photo by Michael Knight.

Why You Should Get the BLUETTI AC2A Portable Power Station

The BLUETTI AC2A portable power station is a great device to take with you on the road, for recreation, or for an outing. It also provides peace of mind during a power outage. The pure sine wave AC output is desirable for several types of appliances and devices. This means that when the current alternates between positive and negative, the conversion from direct current flows in a smooth sine wave pattern rather than in blocky chunks. BLUETTI also offers larger power stations with more outlets and a greater watthour output for running more or larger appliances. The company’s solar panels are designed to work well with the AC2A and BLUETTI’s other power stations. By attaching the solar panels to the power station, you can recharge the AC2A while away from electric connections. In addition, you can even have power input and output at the same time, allowing you to charge up the power station  while also using it to power a device. The BLUETTI site has a sale where you can save up to $120 when you purchase the AC2A with their PV120 or PV200 solar panels.  Amazon offers a $140 coupon when you purchase the AC2A combined with the BLUETTI PV120 solar panels for a discounted price of $459. 

The AC2A both charging and putting out power at the same time.
The AC2A can both be charging and outputting power at the same time. Photo by Michael Knight.

I have been impressed while using the BLUETTI AC2A portable power station. I connected it to my PV200 solar panels and it charged up quickly, even on a partially cloudy day. I like that it is small enough to make it easy to take with you in the car on trips, for camping, or even while going to the beach or lake. If you are going somewhere where open flames are not allowed to prevent wildfires, this power station can let you use a hot plate or electric kettle so you can have hot food and beverages. Try running a fan in your tent or inflate a paddleboard at the water’s edge instead of having to do it at the car and then carry the board to the water. I have even used a BLUETTI power station to power a hot glue gun for doing quick repairs to a high school homecoming float.  Since it has the pass through ability to receive input while also providing output, you can even use the AC2A as a power converter. This is great when using the solar panels outdoors while also powering a device.  You can also use the car charging cable (available separately) to plug the power station into your car’s 12V outlet and then have access to 120 volts for your devices. If you are looking to bring electrical power with you while outdoors or would like a backup power source in case of a power outage or emergency, then I recommend the BLUETTI AC2A. 

Be sure to visit the BLUETTI site for more information and to take advantage of their sale. 

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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