Celebrate the Blu-ray release of ‘Solo’ with a Pun-Heavy Viewing Party

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There is something special about adding an experiential element to the movie viewing experience. Watching your favorite movies at home with friends and family, or hosting a viewing party of a new release is fun enough, but you can do better. Solo: A Star Wars Story is out now on digital platforms (arriving on Blu-ray September 25th), so, what better way to celebrate than by throwing your own Solo viewing party. What?! You say you love this idea? I know.

Let’s begin with the drinks. How could you possibly throw a Solo viewing party without using the original red SOLO cups to hold your beverages? The answer to that question is simple. You can’t. So, what are we filling those SOLO cups with, you ask? How about some Han Solo inspired “Punch It” Punch! Any punch will do really, be it some wonderful homemade concoction or the simple Hawaiian variety from a bottle. Now, if this viewing party is for the grownups, you can spice it up a little bit with some alcohol, and maybe even add Mai Tais or some other rum drink to the menu and call it a Kessel Rum.

You see, the key to a good viewing party is how you inject puns and call-backs to your film choice into everything, from your drinks and food to the games and décor. Exhaust your guests with these details. If you’re not receiving lots of eye rolls than you’re not doing it right.

For your food options, don’t go too crazy. Just put a fun spin on your choices and make sure to create labels so people see your puns and can tell you they “see what you did there.” For an appetizer, try some Falcon Wings (buffalo wings) or Porgs in a Blanket (pigs in a blanket), or, simply put out a bowl of Milk Duds and call them Chewie’s. Making an entrée? Cook up some tacos and call them Tauntaun Wraps. How about some White Worms Spaghetti? Grill up the Geeks Who Eat recipe for Millennium Falcon burgers. Or, you could always grill up some chicken or veggies on skewers made to look like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber and call them Han Kebabs. Still too soon? Sorry.

Dessert options could include that famous Middle-Eastern dish, Chewbaklava (baklava), or perhaps some Lando Lakes Butter Cookies or the French delicacy, Calrissian Capes Suzette (Crêpes Suzette). You see what I did there?

Want to add an extra layer of fun to your Solo viewing party? Create some fun games, like SOLO cup beer pong for the adults or punch pong for the kids. If you’re good at the game though, remember, don’t get cocky. Another fun activity with the kids could be creating your own craft projects to decorate with – perhaps some Millennium Falcon’s made from SOLO paper plates. You could even consider creating your own version of Pop-Up Video Solo edition by dazzling your party with some of the more than 50 facts Solo writer Jon Kasdan put out on his Twitter page about the film this past month.

Alright, now you have a few ideas to get your party started. Don’t everybody thank me at once.

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