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Weekly Poll: Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2015, Part 1

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We can probably agree that 2015 was quite a year for those of us that like some science with our fiction in the movie theaters.

This week, we’re going to do something a bit different with the weekly poll. Because there were so many sci-fi movies this year (18 by my count, and it’s entirely possible I missed a few), we’re going to split this into three polls. This week, we’ll run down the genre films that were widely released between January 1 and June 30. Next week, we’ll do the movies released over the second half of the year, and then we’ll do a run-off between the top two films in each of those weeks to figure out the overall winner.

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Last Week’s Results

Due to a, uh, slight technical difficulty (my inability to correctly select a date from a series of drop-down menus), the poll didn’t show up for the first day or so last week. Thankfully, quite a few of you chose to “vote” by leaving comments, so I’ve taken the comments from the site and added them to the official results.

Not too surprisingly, considering how it continues to blow away just about every box office record there is, the consensus here on among GeekDad readers was that The Force Awakens definitely succeeded in living up the considerable hype, but didn’t surpass it. 50% of those who voted–123 out of 244–said that it met your expectations. 35% (86 votes) said it exceeded expectations, while 12% (29) were unimpressed. 3% of voters said they’d prefer to watch The Phantom Menace, but I assume that those six people were actually talking about a different film with that title.

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