My ‘The Force Awakens’ Rey Fan Theory


Fan theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens are a dime a dozen at this point, but, after many hours spent discussing ideas with the other GeekDads and my recent third viewing, I have a new theory about Rey.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Spoiler Warning

TFARey-GroupMy theory does not necessarily have anything to do with Rey’s lineage (though I do believe she is related to the Skywalkers but that’s not part of this theory). My theory is that Han, Leia, Luke, and to some extent Kylo Ren know who she is and were involved in her being left on Jakku because she is, possibly, the new “chosen one” or the new trilogy equivalent. I think Han, Leia, and Luke all took part in hiding her away once Ren started killing off Jedi. I present my evidence below.

  1. When Kylo Ren hears that Finn and BB-8 have escaped Jakku, he throws his first temper tantrum and destroys a console. When he then hears that “a girl” escaped with them, he loses his $h!t even more. Why would a girl being with them make any difference to him?
  2. When Ren and Rey first meet, Ren says, “So you’re the girl I’ve heard so much about.” At this point, Ren has literally heard nothing about her from anyone in the film. I believe he has heard a lot about her from Luke before turning.
  3. When Ren is trying to read Rey’s mind he says, “I know. I feel it too. Don’t be afraid.” This is one of the few things that seems evidence that they are connected, and perhaps even related–and when their minds touch, they both get that feeling which is also why he hesitates killing her at the end of the movie and instead offers to train her despite his mission being extermination of the Jedi.
  4. Supreme Leader Snoke tells Ren, “If what you say about the girl is true, bring her to me.” This may just be a reference to her being very strong but untrained in the Force, but I think it references whatever Ren thinks he felt and discovered about who she is.
  5. Although I don’t think Han knows who Rey is on sight, I think he quickly figures it out. When she says the line about not knowing there was “this much green in the whole galaxy,” Han is very obviously saddened by it and perhaps even guilty about having been involved in her being “banished” to Jakku.
  6. Maz also realizes that Han knows more about her than he is letting on and asks him to tell her “all about this girl” which, of course, we do not get to hear.
  7. Han very quickly jumps to wanting to “hire” Rey on and keep her close to him, I think because he knows who she is and doesn’t want her going back to Jakku.
  8. Although Luke and Rey have no dialog, the look Luke gives Rey, to me, was much more than a “thanks for bringing me my lightsaber.” He was on the verge of tears and seemed to be both sorry for having sent her away and overjoyed with finally seeing her again (though she obviously does not recall ever having met him.)
  9. I’ve heard a lot of talk around Leia and Rey hugging at the end of the movie instead of Leia and Chewie and that it is a possible indication of them being related. However, up until this point in the movie, Leia and Rey have never seen each other, have never met, and would have no reason to even know who each other are on sight, but they see each other and embrace like long-lost friends, if not family. I think Leia and Rey have met before and Leia, if not one of the people who physically left her on Jakku as a child, was involved in the process of hiding her away. I feel very strongly that they recognize each other and she is one of the people Maz was referring to.

So, what do you think? I’m a crazy? Does my theory hold any water?

[12/30/15] Edit: It seems that the novelization of The Force Awakens supports at least part of my theory as evidenced by this quote:

Rey appeared equally shocked that her reach for the device had exceeded his. She gazed down at the weapon now resting in her grip.
“It is you,” Ren murmured.
His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself.

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