Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Board Game Cafes and Vacation Round Up

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It’s the worst time of the year for kids. Summer is over and it’s back to school. But, as many people did, we tried to fill the summer with great activities. We took our “big” vacation near the mountains to give our kids a different experience (vs. the flat, hot, beach landscape they are used to). We had a lot of highlights (Zip Lining, visiting the Biltmore, or playing Pinball) and also realized outside of those bodaciously awesome items we did some smaller things that had a lasting impact: we visited a Board Game Cafe, went hiking, and saw some amazing waterfalls.

This episode gave us some great insight. Even as we plan big experiences around vacations, the small things have a big impact as well. The kids still talk about the playing games one night at dinner, or the simplicity of an awesome waterfall.

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