WCP: Ranking the Batmen


Everything has been leading to this moment.

The time has come for the internet to have the definitive ranking of the Batmen. Jake + Mitch go full-blaze geek-tastic over the task of ranking the large- and small-screen performances of Batman. Takes are hot, nostalgia is thick, and the caped crusader still reigns supreme.

Along the way, Jake is thrown into the gauntlet of “Kill One, Live with One, and Ride Along with One.” The choices are:

Plus, Bale gets demoted; Mitch breaks-down the Affleck career Oreo; and the guys do a deep-dive on the Adam West mask eyebrows. It all makes sense in context.

Ultimately, the Top 8 Caped Crusader performances are placed in the hierarchy once and for all.

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