Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 24 – Ronnie del Carmen

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Episode 24: Ronnie del Carmen

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This week, we’re joined by Ronnie del Carmen, who happens to be the co-director of a little film that came out recently, which you may have heard of: Inside Out.

Ronnie has been at Pixar since 2003’s Finding Nemo and has worked in various story-related capacities. For Inside Out, Pete Docter tapped him to be co-director. (The two previously worked together on Up.)

This episode is an absolute pleasure. We chat about the development process on Inside Out, Ellie Fredericksen and the bits of her life story we didn’t see in the final version of Up, Ronnie’s graphic novel series Paper Biscuit, and if we’ll ever see another printing of the magnificent Totoro Forest Project art book.



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