Review – Archie Meets Batman ’66 #2: Undercover in Riverdale

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Archie vs. Batman ’66 cover, credit to Archie Comics.

Archie Meets Batman ‘66 – Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci, Writers; Dan Parent, Penciller; J. Bone, Inker; Kelly Fitzpatrick, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: This Archie-published crossover still doesn’t quite live up to its name with its second issue – the main characters are mostly separate, and the crossover does begin, but not with the title characters yet. Still, it’s a fun, engaging comic that pays tribute to the classic versions of both franchises with a plot that manages to be light and silly while still having real stakes. Last issue ended with Veronica putting out an alert to Batman that the adults of Riverdale are seemingly becoming possessed by some sort of sinister force that’s making them act oddly. That continues this issue – Pop turns the diner into a secret hideout for a hidden agenda and kicks all the teens out, and Mr. Weatherbee is so distracted by his secret meeting that he doesn’t even yell at the gang. Batman takes Veronica’s worries seriously, and begins to investigate whether Bookworm might be behind it with Alfred. He has a different mission for Robin and Batgirl – going undercover in Riverdale High.

Crisis in Riverdale. Credit to Archie Comics.

This is a fun, if time-worn plot, but it also has some logistical issues. Batgirl was never high-school age or even close in Batman ‘66 – she was always significantly older than Robin. Here, though, they’re undercover in the same classroom and immediately get flirted with by Archie and Betty respectively. They’re not the only Riverdale residents getting the attention of a Gotham resident, though – after seeing a particularly mean prank by Reggie against Archie, Riddler decides to hire him as one of his agents. This is the second Archie-meets-Gotham crossover in recent months where Archie winds up working with or thinking he’s a Gotham villain. Dude seems to have a pattern. The Batman plot, involving a bookstore that Bookworm frequents and a woman who passes fake money, isn’t as compelling as the Riverdale action this time, but everyone seems to be handled well. This crossover is being set up relatively slowly, but I’m definitely enjoying going along for the ride.

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