Review – The Wild Storm #16: The Secrets of Generation 12

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The Wild Storm #16 variant cover, credit to DC Comics.

The Wild Storm #16 – Warren Ellis, Writer; Jon Davis-Hunt, Artist; Brian Buccellato, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: The Wild Storm is roughly two-thirds of the way through Warren Ellis’ planned 24-issue run now, and it’s definitely beginning to pick up. The overall conspiracy of Io vs. Skywatch continues to build, but the story this issue is dominated by two other plotlines – one boding well for the world, the other very much not. Giving the issue a partly optimistic tone is Angie Spica’s plotline, as the future Engineer explores the full nature of her power, winds up hacking into the internet – and accidentally uncovers the existence of Jenny Sparks. The more cosmic beings like Jenny have only been appearing for brief segments in the series so far, so it’ss good to see them get a bigger role. These are two of the most powerful characters in the world, and their potential alliance has the chance to turn the tide of battle against the likes of Miles Craven. There’s not full trust there yet, but Angie seems to be getting ready to come into her own as a hero.

Engineer meets the Internet. Credit to DC Comics.

Giving the issue a more ominous tone is John Lynch’s ongoing road trip across America’s backroads, tracking down his altered former agents. None of them have come out quite intact from the alien alterations they experienced, but this issue’s target Gloria Spaulding may be the worst of them. Taking place entirely in a creepy mansion that seems to defy the laws of physics, the confrontation between them takes on the vibe of a horror movie. Those fans of old Wildstorm comics will know Gloria Spaulding as the mother of Freefall from Gen13, and the references to “12th Generation” likely hint at a spinoff coming eventually. Although Lynch is able to effectively warn Gloria that she’s being targeted and she doesn’t try to kill him like last issue’s target did, the issue still ends with a tense chase segment as Lynch desperately tries to escape from the collapsing mansion. I’m not sure this series comes together as a whole yet, but over the last few issues it’s become a very exciting read.

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