Review & Giveaway: Action Bendables Are A Super New Twist on Rubber Toys

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For the last few years, I’ve been something of a fan of NJ Croce‘s toys. Their two model Batmobiles both have a place of honor on my shelf (I need to get the Burton one, too), and my son loves the bendable Batman” TAS and New Frontier sets. One catch though – they have a limited range of playability.

Until now.

This shot was, appropriately enough, taken on my comic boxes.

That’s right, NJ Croce has made a line of toys that are extra posable and extra fun. We were sent the Justice League set (Clearly modeled after the “Child’s Play” episode of JLU), but they have more. Aside from a Flash and an Aquaman figure (complete with trident) that are sold separately. You can also get individually packaged version of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; Green Lantern only comes in the set. Even more importantly, there are generic-yet-stylish figures: unicorn, soldier, pirate mermaid, alien, and ninja.

In terms of real life usability? These guys are in constant rotation at my house. My son uses Green Lantern in the bath, Superman guards the bedroom, and Wonder Woman and Batman go on adventures with Voltron and the Ninjago dudes. I love the cloth capes, and Batman’s little snarl is perfect.

Honestly, that’s the biggest praise I can give any toy.

In terms of cost, NJ Croce lists the set on their site for 29.99 and all the individual figures for $7.99 – but they have a minimum of four units per item. You’re better off spending a little more on Amazon for the individuals to just get the one you want. The set is actually a whole dollar cheaper.

A photographer I am not.

Or you can enter below to win. That’s right, NJ Croce sent me not one, but two sets. So I’m offering one up as a gift to you, our loyal reader. Just fill out the form below.

Winner will be picked via random number generator on the first of August, 2018. GeekFamily writers and members of Mordechai Luchins’s family are not eligible.  Open to US Residents only. Toys do not actually fly.

Action Bendables Contest
Winners will be chosen at random. Only one entry person. Entrant must be 18 years of age or older. Contest only available to residents of the continental United States. Data collected will be used for contacting winners only. I understand the restrictions and certify I meet the restrictions.

Good luck!

Note: NJ Croce gave me these, plus a Star Trek Transporter set. That one’s going to someone else.

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