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Edible Games Cookbook

The Edible Games Cookbook brings new meaning to the phrase “play with your food.”

It’s on Kickstarter now and has about a week left to reach its funding goal, and if you like unusual or innovative features in your tabletop games, it’s definitely worth a taste. Created by designer Jenn Sandercock, the Edible Games Cookbook is both a cookbook and a rulebook: it includes a dozen games in which eating the playing pieces are an integral part of the games themselves.

For instance, Master Taster is about trying out different foods (with your eyes closed) and voting on whether the picky eaters (Julius Caesar and Marie Antoinette) will like them or not. This one’s easy to prep because you can use an assortment of candies and doesn’t require cooking.

Order of the Oven Mitt at XOXO 2016
Order of the Oven Mitt at XOXO 2016. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

For the more ambitious baker, you can try Order of the Oven Mitt, which is played on a baked board with lots of tasty playing pieces. I got to see this one being demoed a couple years ago at XOXO, though I never got a chance to play it myself because the line was always so long! Your goal is to become a Knight of the Oven Mitt by completing the sacred ritual involving eating the Sacred Squares.

If you’re in the Venn diagram intersection of “loves board games” and “loves cooking” (or maybe even “loves eating snacks”), this looks like a really fun and somewhat surprising way to combine those interests! Visit the Kickstarter page to download a sample chapter and try out the Order of the Oven Mitt, and check out the reward options (including digital or hardcover versions of the cookbook, which will also feature mouth-watering photography by Kate Baldwin).

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