Characters Revealed for ‘She-Ra and the Princess of Power’

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She-Ra! Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

The brand new She-Ra and the Princess of Power series is releasing globally on Netflix on November 16, 2018, and DreamWorks just released four new images revealing some of the characters and setting. The first one, above, reveals She-ra in all of her powered up might. The new look, like every reboot and re-imagining, will surely not appeal to all fans, but this strong, young, not overly sexualized She-Ra looks amazing to me and is just the She-Ra look I want my kids watching.

Catra and Adora. Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Next up we have Catra and Adora. Again, I love the looks and style of the new series. While the show is clearly aimed at a younger audience based on the art, I’m certain that the story will appeal to all ages and run the gamut from fun to serious. This definitely seems like a very serious conversation.

Glimmer, Bow and Adora. Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Oh look, not all of the characters are thin white females! Yes, I know Bow wasn’t female before, but making him a POC and featuring characters of different body types is EXACTLY what I’d expect to see in She-Ra which has always been about empowerment.

Bright Moon. Image Provided by DreamWorks Animation.

And lastly, we get a beautiful panorama of Bright Moon including the castle. This is just breathtaking. I love the castle and the colors and lighting on this image.

Growing up I watched (among many other cartoons) both He-Man and She-Ra, but I always preferred She-Ra. I am very excited to introduce She-Ra and her friends (and enemies) to my kids later this year. What do you think of the updated character designs?

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2 thoughts on “Characters Revealed for ‘She-Ra and the Princess of Power’

  1. I’m very excited! Today, I’m a white, 30 something, feminist man who grew up in the 1980s watching both He-Man and She-ra (and even Jem and the Holograms which followed He-Man on USA Network). I had every single toy that was available in the United States for all three cartoons. (Evidently Spinnerella was never available in the U.S.) I’m so pumped to see what this show brings to the table with regard to female empowerment. Cat-Ra looks amazing! She actually embodies a cat so much more than the previous sexualized human in knee-high stiletto boots. She actually looks like she she may be some kind of human-cat hybrid. And Bo also is exciting and no longer resembles a ginger Tom Selleck look-alike. And, finally I also agree that the castle panoramic looks incredible.

    1. Although I never had She-ra or Jem toys, I watched them both religiously. I was actually watching Jem when I experienced my first earthquake (growing up in Southern California) and its permanently etched in my brain 😀 I can’t wait to watch this new iteration with my kids just like we watch the new Voltron together (which I highly recommend if you haven’t watched yet).

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