‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 6 Episode Recaps

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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 dropped on Netflix today (June 15th)! Here are my VERY high level recaps with an attempt at no spoilers, but a few teasers. If, however, you want to know nothing about the season early, stop reading now!

Haggar does what now? Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 1 – ‘Omega Shield’ – The season starts off pretty much immediately where last season left off. Lotor and Voltron are working side-by-side to hold together the Galra Empire against many other Galra factions, the largest led by Sendak. While we don’t get any backstory for him, this episode focuses very heavily on developing Hunk, something many fans have been asking for. Hunk definitely proves his value and his abilities in this episode. The episode ends with a surprise about Haggar.

Keith and Krolia. Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 2 – ‘Razor’s Edge’ – As a big Keith fan, this is probably my favorite episode of the season. Keith and Krolia are on a mission to find some special quintessence, and this episode focuses almost solely on them and their mission. There is some weird time stuff going on, so we get a bunch of flashbacks that fill in the pieces about Krolia, Keith’s dad, and baby Keith, but we also get a few glimpses into the future. My single favorite thing about this episode? Time wolf. It immediately made me think of Star Wars: Rebels and the Loth wolves (not for any similarity, but because its interesting my favorite characters in both shows have a wolf affinity). At the end of their journey, Keith and Krolia find something they certainly would never have expected.

Paladins playing an RPG? Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 3 – ‘Monsters & Mana’ – This is the episode people have been referring to as the D&D episode. This episode, while it doesn’t do much for the overall plot, is definitely a great one and it is a love letter to JRPGs, video games, and gaming in general. I don’t want to say too much, but this is a great team-building episode, and the big bad guy of the episode says something to Shiro that may give us a hint about something else. This episode is also a cosplayer’s dream come true with awesome cosplay potential for most of the characters (I won’t tell you which do and don’t make it into fantasy costumes).

Allura and Lotor working together. Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 4 – ‘The Colony’ – This episode is full of so much stuff that I can’t say much without spoilers which is true for pretty much the rest of the season. What I will say is that Lotor and Allura, as seen above, embark on their quintessence gathering mission in the ship that they built together, and while they are gone, Keith and Krolia return and reveal their findings to the rest of the Voltron crew. Lotor’s generals show up, and Haggar puts the next part of her plan into action.

Just a cool picture of Voltron, because why not? Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 5 – ‘The Black Paladins’ – From this point on, you will probably find yourself holding your breath until the season is over. If the name of the episode doesn’t immediately give you chills, the episode itself will! Not only must Lotor finally confront Haggar and rekindle an old alliance, but a face off battle (between whom I won’t say) you never wanted takes place with results that will probably leave you feeling both hopeful and devastated at the same time.

Lotor piloting his ship. Image provided by DreamWorks Animation.

Episode 6 – ‘All Good Things’ – The final results of the face off from episode 5 become clear and several new things are revealed about the black lion, including finally understanding a mysterious warning from Season 5. And Lotor and his three ships come together in an epic battle.

Episode 7 – ‘Defender of All Universes’ – OMFG. Ok, what can I say here? An epic battle, a devastating sacrifice, the return of an old friend. You will not be disappointed. There will probably be tears, and some cosplayers will have to change their hair.

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