Trailer Theater: The Best Video Game Trailers, Cinematics, and Gameplay From E3

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It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Trailer Theater, and a couple of weeks since E3, so it’s only fitting that our latest edition is comprised of the best gaming trailers, cinematics, and gameplay footage from the conference.

Coming soon to a gaming console near you…

Cyberpunk 2077 – This is the best thing to come out of E3. The best trailer and the best looking game. Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, and Altered Carbon fans rejoice—this is the cyberpunk game of your dreams!

The Last of Us: Part II – When that Naughty Dog logo pops onto the screen, the room quiets. The Last of Us: Part II is a huge release, and this first look shows some absolutely dynamic, visually gorgeous console gaming action and story.

Ghost of Tsushima – As a rabid Kurosawa fan, the very nature of Ghost and the promise of playing as a samurai is enough to bait me. Add in the open-world gameplay across the stunning backdrop of the first Mongol invasion of Japan, and, well, just take my money now.

Resident Evil 2 – A remake of Resident Evil 2. What more needs to be said.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – I don’t know what the gameplay will be like, but this new cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 sells me regardless. Just as the Overwatch cinematics succeeded before that game came out, this cinematic has me craving more.

Control – Journey to the “shifting place” and live out all of your Inception fantasies.

Death Stranding – I still have no clue what the hell is happening in this game, but boy do I want to play it!

Anthem – In its first, official cinematic trailer, Anthem continues on its campaign of promising big gameplay and truly epic co-op.

Fallout 76 – Nobody does the end of the world quite like Bethesda, which is why every new Fallout release is considered a major event. In Fallout 76, it’s time to rebuild America and quite literally make America great again. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The Division 2 – I loved The Division, until I kept getting kicked out of missions as a result of network lag and gave up on it. As hesitant as I might be to give the franchise any more of my time and money, this gameplay demo of The Divison 2 looks too good to pass over.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Where Arkham City left off as the best superhero video game through its intense combat and Rogues Gallery of Batman villains, Spiderman looks to pick things up Marvel-style.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The whole gang is here… all 68 of them!

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