Radio Free Hipster Ep. 74: Nice and Rough

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Radio Free Hipster

Life, like the great Tina Turner, never ever does nothing nice and easy. Thankfully, we’ve got fun and friends and music—each of which you’ll find in this episode.

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00:44 Adam WarRock – “STRT CRD” (content warning)
03:18 Talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “Ends Well That All’s Well
03:53 Bill McClintock – “Careless Whisper in the Abyss”
07:26 Mikal kHill – “Pandering Sing-A-Long (feat. Tribe One)” (content warning)
10:25 The Grammar Club – “Stronger Than Them All (Stronger Than the Mall)”
13:56 Worm Quartet – “I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead
17:15 More talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “Ends Well That All’s Well”
18:48 Glenn and Rachael – “Always on My Mind”
22:50 Magnetic Ether – “Lady in Black
28:04 Beefy ft. Ailsean and The Double Ice Backfire – “Game Store Girl (acoustic)”
31:15 Even more talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “Ends Well That All’s Well”
32:45 DJ Cummerbund – “The Atlantic That I Favor

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