Heroes of Land, Air & Sea second printing

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Heroes of Land, Air & Sea” Second Printing and New Expansion

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Heroes of Land, Air & Sea second printing

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, the massive 4X game from Gamelyn Games and designer Scott Almes, is back on Kickstarter for a second printing, along with a new expansion! I gave the game our GeekDad Approved seal in my review earlier this year, and I’ve had fun playing it and teaching it to friends.

If you were considering getting the game after my review, the Kickstarter will save you a little money over the retail price—particularly if you pledge for the “everything” level, though admittedly at $169 that may be a tall order. And if you already backed the first time around, there’s a $30 pledge tier for the new expansion, Pestilence, which features two new factions: Birdfolk and Merfolk.

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: floating continent
The birdfolk get a floating continent, and the merfolk get a submerged continent. Image: Gamelyn Games

I don’t know yet exactly how the Birdfolk and Merfolk will play, but I do know that there’s a floating continent. Yep. The Merfolk get a submerged continent that’s seeded with water exploration tokens but may otherwise function like land, but the Birdfolk get a continent in the sky. I don’t know why that’s so exciting to me, but there it is.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information, or read my review to see how the game works!

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