Review + Deal Alert: Scottevest Ozark Shirt Has Pockets to Spare

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Scottevest made their name with pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. I have so many in my 8.0 Jacket System that I often lose track of things. Seriously, 8 years later and I’m still trying to figure it all out. So when they asked me to try their Ozark shirt, I jumped at it.

First, a confession: I have never paid $90 for a shirt and I don’t think I am about to start now. Now, I own shirts that cost more than that, but I get them on consignment (No trip to Indianapolis is complete without a stop at Newman &Co). Still, it’s very hard to get past the price tag on the Ozark. It’s a premium price for what basically looks like a casual shirt. But what if there was a deal? Then it might be worth looking at.

Source: Scottevest

Looks, of course, can be deceiving. No, it’s not as pretty as their recently-reviewed-here Daphne dress, but the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s comfortable: The mix of cotton and spandex is light weight enough for a spring day outdoors, but not a bad fit for a cooler day either.

Outdoors is the focus, as you might guess from the names of the plaid patterns (“lake” for blue, “pine” for the green). Scottevest envisions the Ozark as the perfect shirt for a hike. With five pockets (one obvious breast pocket, four hidden ones), it’s a great shirt for keeping everything on your person without adding another layer.

Source: ScotteVest

One caveat – if wrinkles bother you, watch out. My Ozark shirt came out of the wash looking like this:

I don’t care if the plan is to go hiking again, I am not going out of the house dressed like that. It’s so bad that it may be a more effective use of time to have it pressed instead of ironing it.

But that’s me. I’m fussy. You may be fine with wrinkles, especially if you’re spending a few days in the wilderness.

What’s that? I said something about a deal? From 1PM ET 6/6 to 1PM 6/14, Scottevest is giving 30% off with the code DAD2018. At $63 (unless my math is WAY bad), this is a much better deal and easier to justify.

As long as you own an iron.

Note: Scottevest sent me the Ozark to review. That’s a jacket and a shirt. Now all I need is underwear and pants for a full Scottevest outfit.

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