Handheld Retro Gaming for Summer Vacation

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Now that it is officially summer, that means it is time for vacation road trips. I still remember playing Tic-Tac-Toe on the original Merlin electronic handheld or playing “football” on the red screen with the little red blips. Fun tech has come a long way since then. Sure, you could grab your iPad or Nintendo Switch now and hit the road, but here a few retro classics that are ready for double A batteries and some road time.

The Oregon Trail Handheld Game by Basic Fun

The original road trip, or better yet, a 19th century road trip featuring pioneer life with the possibility of death by dysentery. This little handheld looks like an old Macintosh computer and features authentic ’80s graphics, sounds, and game play.  Sort of like an RPG, you choose a profession and your stuff then try to make the trek from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon’s Willamette Valley circa 1848. If you ever played to original back in the day then you will be happy to know that this is the exact same game – warts and all. If you have never played The Oregon Trail, then you are in for a treat! Pick one up at Target or here on Amazon.

Midway Classic Arcade Joust by Basic Fun

One of the big disappointments from the movie Ready Player One was that they did not play Joust. If you read the book, then you know what I mean. However, now you can have your own miniature arcade cabinet with the classic gameplay in a handheld size. Fly your ostrich to avoid and plop down on enemy knights and collect eggs to earn points. There really is not much else to say, except that it is tons of fun! Pick it up at Amazon as well.

Midway Classic Arcade Rampage by Basic Fun

Now that you may or may not have seen the action-packed movie by the same name, you can play that game that started it all. Just like Joust, the Rampage game plays very close to the original arcade machine. Of course the biggest difference is that you can not play with 2 more friends for awesome 3-player mayhem, but what do you expect for a handheld electronic toy that is under $30? This game is great and it does give you the option to choose between the ape, wolf, and lizard monsters. Also available on Amazon now.

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