Coolermaster CK552 Keyboard Review

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Coolermaster CK552 Keyboard

Cooler Master releases a great RGB keyboard experience with the CK552

What is the Cooler Master – CK552 Wired Gaming Mechanical Gateron Red Switch Keyboard with RGB Back Lighting

The Masterkeys CK552 keyboard is a straightforward, minimalistic peripheral designed for performance with just a little bit of flare. The slim profile with the floating switch design makes it both sleek and elegant.

Our goal with the CK550 was to offer a pro-grade full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with all the core specs that gamers care about without sacrificing quality. Our fans will get the core essentials to compete at the highest level – and look good while doing it.” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.


Why You Should Buy

Previously I reviewed Cooler Masters high-end keyboard the MK750 which I strongly recommend for pc gamers. This keyboard the Ck552 may not have all of the features of the MK750 but may be a great budget entry-level solution for those not who are not ready to spend in the area of +100$.

The body and construction are very solid. This unit uses blank keys instead of the Cherry Mx keys in the higher version. That being said they keys feel very strong and still have a good mechanical feel to them. The RGB lighting is as effective and bright and customizable and in the high-end computers. Cooler Master has good customization software and adjustments can also be made on the fly. I tested the keyboard in Microsoft office sweet as well as by playing Conan Exiles, Vampyr and Fallout 4. Performance and response were excellent. Being a budgeted model it does not come with a wrist rest or extra keycaps but that is a very minor issue for most users.

I recommend the Cooler Master CK552 for those looking for a solid keyboard and want to do moderate gaming. Users will get a taste of what high-end keyboards have to offer without the high price.


The Coolermaster CK552 comes in at $79.99 at Bestbuy

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A sample of the Coolermaster CK552 was made Available for this product review.

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