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Movie and television franchises play the long-game with the viewers, putting months or years between installments. Cliffhanger endings or Easter egg after-credit scenes leave us, the fans, with unanswered questions, and many of us develop our own theories about what will come. But what if your theory is dead-on right? Who would know except those who you told? This is your chance to make sure the world gives you proper credit if you are a franchise soothsayer; put your best prediction for how Avengers: Infinity War will tie in with Avengers 4 in the comments. We will revisit the submissions as we get closer to the release of the (as yet untitled) Avengers movie (currently scheduled for May 3, 2019).

I will go first and put my prediction on the line… but first, this is the big, bad notice: it’s spoilers from here on – you have been warned.

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When Thanos approaches the Scarlet Witch and Vision, she splits her focus: half on the Mind Stone in Vision’s head and half on stopping Thanos. It appears that she is successful in destroying the stone (albeit temporarily), but Avengers 4 will show that she instead drew power from the Mind Stone, merging it with her hex power and plants the idea of victory in Thanos’ mind. He sees his success (including the annihilation of his enemies), the destruction of the gauntlet and stones, and finds his own peace—in reality, the gauntlet is never completed and “the snap” never happens. Yes, this means the after-credits scene is either a red herring OR that Thanos suspects (fears) that Captain Marvel’s galactic power is out there.

We will not know how close any of us come to predicting the fate of half the universe until next year, but I will personally send a digital copy of Avengers: Infinity War to someone if they hit the nail on the head. Unless, of course, the Russo brothers, Christopher Markus, or Stephen McFeely would like to step in for a big prize.

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Thanos (Josh Brolin).
Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.Thanos (Josh Brolin).
Photo: Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2018

Step right up and leave your best theories in the comments. We want to hear your ideas. Or is the Marvel Cinematic Universe not your thing? Do you have a theory for Star Wars: Episode IX… watch for your chance to put your Force skills to the test before the December 20, 2019 release date.

Final Warning
The comments will be full of spoilers — do not read them if you do not want to know.
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7 thoughts on “Movie Whisperer: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – ‘Avengers 4’

  1. Great theory! Here’s mine. The half of the universe that disappeared is now trapped inside the Soul Stone…including Thanos, where they discover Gamora to be also. Now, half the movie will be those heroes fighting their way out of the Soul Stone. Red Skull, it turns out was linked to the Soul Stone, and with Thanos being trapped, he is now released on the real world, and will be the main Antagonist in Avengers 4.

    By the end, Thanos and the others will be able to get out of the Stone, but since Gamora did not enter the stone with Thanos’ Gauntlet Snap, then she won’t be able to escape in that same way. Thanos sacrifice himself and allow himself to take her place being trapped in the Soul Stone for all eternity.

  2. Also, Drax didn’t actually disappear when Thanos snapped his finger with the Infinity Gauntlet.

    Drax is just so still that he appears to be invisible. Totally imperceptible.

  3. Whether it’s my theory or what I would LIKE to see is a bit muddled.

    At the end, we see Thanos overlooking a field. I don’t believe that’s real, I feel it’s from the Reality Stone or Mind Stone.

    My dream A4 would be the original Avengers use the time and Reality stones to reboot the universe only in doing so several changes occur because time is wibbly wobby timey wimey and the Reality Stone’s intersection with different timelines changes the real world.

    Those who were poofed a-la-Buffy come back as they were but the others change into new, younger versions of themselves (hopefully allowing some new diversity in casting because hey, fiction, why not? It worked for the Founding Fathers).

    This would allow the continuation of the stories while letting out those cast members whose contracts have run and also offer some new opportunities for MCU to use different versions of its characters and lead the way a bit.

  4. The wait is over! The #Avengers and their allies are here to protect the world from Thanos! Infinity war is not just a film its a experience, madness in the theater and every action looks good and spectacular. Infinity war is indeed the best of all the marvel movies.

  5. thats an interesting thought. My idea is that A4 picks up a bit after. Pepper is dead and they use the Demon in a Bottle story line to start the movie with Tony getting an intervention from the remaining heroes. I think the after credits scene in Ant Man will be him turning to dust, but in A4, Wasp and old Wasp will show up after Capt Marvel shows up with a plan to use the Pym particles to enter the Soul Stone and bring everybody back – something she learned from Mar-Vel in her movie before he turned to dust. Somehow Tony will have to sacrifice himself for this to happen and he’ll die right as pepper is brought back.

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