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Review – Trinity #21: Monster Steve Attacks

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Trinity #21 cover
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Trinity #21 – James Robinson, Writer; Patch Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, Artists; Gabe Eltaeb, Colorist


Ray – 6/10

Corrina: Monster Fight.


Ray: Trinity #21, the penultimate issue of the series, jumps between timelines, as the heroes battle to save Steve Trevor from the dark magic of Deimos. Meanwhile, flashbacks to their time in Skartaris show the roots of Deimos’ plot and how he got into the main world. The world of Skartaris is a fascinating one, with one of the richest mythologies the DCU has to offer. The previous arc did a very good job of giving new readers a briefing on this world that will hopefully send them looking for past stories, but I don’t think this follow-up arc did a particularly good job of using its elements. The story jumps around a lot, without clearly delineated flashbacks and current-day segments, so it can be a bit confusing to read. The present-day segments, at least at first, are mostly generic battles where the only way to identify which ogre is Steve Trevor is by the fact that he has slightly blonder hair than the other monsters.

In the Skartaris segments, we see the Trinity split and interact with the different members of the royal court. Some of these are interesting, such as Batman working out his trust issues. Others are just puzzling. Wonder Woman making random insensitive comments to amputee Machiste? I guess this is Robinson’s Wonder Woman, after all. There are pages with two Batmen, as the action is split between the present day and flashbacks, which makes the issue tricky to read in points. I was a bit surprised to see the secret vault of magical artifacts that Wonder Woman battled to defend in Snyder’s story in the DC New Talent Showcase – I was sure it was a pilot to a Snyder WW run or at least a subplot that would be explored in his JL run. So seeing it here in a final arc of a title that rarely had anything to do with the main continuity was odd. The series is coming to a close next issue with a final showdown with Deimos, and it’s hard a lot of ups and downs. These last two issues don’t make a good case for a revival, unfortunately.

Trinity #21 page 1
Chatting with the Warlord. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: This arc has had some good moments but it has two glaring flaws. One is that Robinson cannot seem to write Wonder Woman well. She was passable when the Trinity entered Skartaris and was simply in warrior mode but that’s all the characterization Robinson can seem to provide. Large swaths of her dialogue make me wince.

The second is that the Monster Men, including Steve, are simply generic monsters, and then there are the plot elements tossed into the next-to-last chapter at the last minute. Okay, so three problems. Maybe this would have been better If Robinson put Superman at the center of the story, since he understands Superman, but it would still have storytelling issues.

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