Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: WWE Live!

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WWE Smackdown Live!

I started this podcast as a way to chronicle the activities I take my kids on. I wanted a way to preserve the memories and experiences we have together. The podcast becomes a holocron, of sorts, of their childhood—something I wish I had.

With Wrestlemania next Sunday, I thought this was a fun episode to revisit. In this episode, I took the kids to their first WWE Live event. The awesome thing about it was that I realized it was about 31 years (almost to the day) from when my dad took me to my first WWF (at the time) event. Thus, this episode allowed me to not only enjoy an adventure with them but also relive an experience I had with my father so many years earlier. I hope they remember the main event of John Cena v AJ Styles v Jinder Mahal as fondly as I remember Hulk Hogan v Kamala.

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