‘Dr. Panda Restaurant 3’ Now Available

Dr Panda Restaurant 3
All screenshots taken on my iPhone.

What Is Dr. Panda Restaurant 3?

The Dr. Panda team has released a new version of their popular ‘Restaurant’ line of mobile apps. That’s right, if your youngster has grown tired of Dr. Panda Restaurant and Dr. Panda Restaurant 2, then despair no more. Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is here!

Aimed at users age five to eight years old, Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 allows users to run their own restaurant, both the front of the house and the kitchen. As the cartoon patrons come through the door, users help their customers select a dish from an expanding, unlockable menu. With orders placed, young users head to the kitchen where they select ingredients and prepare the dishes. Users chop, boil, fry, bake, and finish their dishes from more than 20 ingredients and condiments.

Once the user has done her best (or worst… the app allows for improvisation), they serve their culinary concoction to their customers, who reward the chef with stars and coins based on how well the prepared dish aligns with the customer’s tastes.

While there is some educational value in the app, Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is geared more for entertainment. It’s a great starter app for youngsters who have expressed an interest in helping in the kitchen but are too young to handle heat and sharp objects. With that in mind, the app may skew slightly younger than the suggested age range.

Dr Panda Restaurant 3 screencap

Where Can I Find Dr. Panda Restaurant 3?

Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is available today (March 8) on the iTunes App Store and Amazon Appstore.

Dr Panda Restaurant 3 screencap

Disclaimer: Dr. Panda provided a copy of ‘Dr. Panda Restaurant 3’ for review purposes.



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