‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two Streams Today on Netflix

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Jessica Jones Season Two
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The second season of Marvel’s acclaimed series Jessica Jones releases on Netflix today. Has it been a while since you watched the first season Let us get you caught up before you jump into the new episodes.

Where Did We Leave Jessica Jones?

The climax of season one saw Jessica free herself, her neighbor Malcolm, her friend Trish, and a whole lot of random people on the docks from Killgrave’s mind control. Jessica played to Killgrave’s largest frustration–Jessica being strong enough to walk away from Killgrave and free herself the first time–and his most burning desire–to regain control of Jessica–in order to lure Killgrave close enough for Jessica to kill him by snapping his neck.

Sure, Jessica thought that Killgrave was dead once before, and this is all based upon a comic book, so there is probably some remote chance that Killgrave could possibly, maybe return. Even if Killgrave really is dead (and I’m betting that he really is dead), his physical self was never the real threat to Jessica. Killgrave’s threat to Jessica always resided in her head. With Killgrave’s death on her hands, it’s likely that his influence/presence will continue to manifest itself as the embodiment of her guilt.

However, that’s not the last time we saw Jessica on screen. That would have been in The Defenders, the long-promised team-up series that fell flat for many. Therein lies an interesting conundrum; Jessica Jones season one was one of the most lauded series in the Marvel/Netflix partnership, possibly the last truly great season we’ve gotten from the deal. Since Jessica Jones premiered on November 20, 2015, we’ve had a pair of uneven seasons (Daredevil season two and Luke Cage season one each felt like two different stories were stitched together at the midpoint to create a single season) and a pair of series that fell short of viewer expectations (Iron Fist season one… let’s not mention that again, and The Defenders).

While many saw The Punisher season one as a return to form for Marvel and Netflix, I had some pretty serious issues with the series, which I’ll not get into here (but feel free to ask about them in the comments below).

It’s also worth noting that while the Marvel/Netflix shows are only peripherally related to the MCU films, aside from a handful of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jessica Jones is the last new thing that Marvel is giving us before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4. That, coupled with the apparent inconsistency in Marvel’s television offerings in the past two years make Jessica Jones season two a curiosity, even for those who may not have been big fans of the first season.

Will you be watching Jessica Jones season two this weekend? Do you plan to binge it, or take it slow? Let us know in the comments below, and share your thoughts as the season unfolds.

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