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My boys are Minecraft fanatics. Their bookshelves are filled with Minecraft books and magazines, and they continue to blow me away with their 3D designs in the game — castles, secret underground lairs, mazes, and houses in the clouds. My oldest prefers to play on a laptop while my youngest likes to play on my iPad and iPhone. I don’t always travel with my iPad, but my iPhone is always on hand… and that means my youngest is always asking me for it on car trips and while waiting in lines or at the dentist office or just about anywhere he can sneak in a few minutes of gameplay. I have a charger in my vehicle, so it’s no big deal to let him play while I drive (and it works great for me as a deterrent to not accepting calls or texting on my mobile phone while driving).

Occasionally, I’ll hear a gripe from him while he plays. Usually it has to do with the fact that the Minecraft controls on the iPhone use the touch screen and that can get a bit wonky at times when he’s trying to do some special maneuver or he accidentally taps somewhere and triggers an undesirable event. And it’s not just Minecraft; I have a bunch of games installed on my iPhone that use on-screen buttons and joysticks to move around, and those on-screen controls aren’t always the most accurate or easy to use.

That’s why I think my youngest is going to enjoy the new Gamevice mobile controller. Available for iOS and Android, it’s a set of controls that clip to the bottom and top of your phone — no pairing required. Once attached, it provides buttons and joysticks for use in 1000s of games.

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I’ll be posting a more in-depth review in the coming weeks based on my youngest’s experiences with the device, but I’m sharing this with you now because Gamevice has a new Minecraft Edition Bundle releasing on Thursday, Feb 15th that includes the actual Gamevice controller, a Gamevice carrying case, and a Minecraft iOS code all in a Minecraft-themed box.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android mobile phone and a Minecraft fanatic, you’ll definitely want to check this out. More details can be found here.

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