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Take Great Mobile Tech (And Behavior) Into 2018

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killer tech 2018

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AT&T.

With a new year now firmly underway, we at GeekDad thought this would be a fine time to reflect on all the coolest tech GeekParents need going into 2018. So what are we keeping in our pockets, purses, and briefcases? Why, I’m so very glad you asked!

  • iPhone X– Apple’s iPhone X is truly the culmination of a decade of stellar smartphone development. Its massive OLED screen, dual rear-facing cameras, wireless charging, and facial recognition features help make it all that iPhone fanboys have been hoping for and more.
  • Google Pixel 2– Though it lacks the market penetration of Samsung’s Galaxy series, the Pixel 2 more than holds its own against the distinguished competition in the Android marketplace, especially when you consider that it’s one of only a handful of models available that supports Google’s robust, reliable, and affordable Project Fi mobile network.
  • Nintendo Switch– A year ago, I was in Manhattan playing the Nintendo Switch for the first time, and I would go so far as to call it a transformative experience. Part console, part handheld, and all fun, the Switch has gone on to become the fastest-selling system of all time, and with good reason!
  • Alexa– Notice I used the eponymous name and not simply that of Amazon’s Echo line. With a myriad of models stretched across two Echo generations, the Alexa voice-controlled assistant is quickly becoming the de facto hub of the modern smart home. More recently, though, Alexa has spread to even more third-party devices, including smartwatches.

While there are likely no surprises on that list, there is a rather unexpected element that binds together all this shiny, new tech. I think it’s best conveyed by this video we put together with help from our friends from AT&T.

Did that get your attention? Yeah, I thought so, and just like you were probably caught off guard by this unexpected twist, you can also be caught off guard by surprises on the road—especially when you’re not paying attention.

Back in 2016, GeekDad was proud to take part in AT&T’s long-running It Can Wait campaign, and we’re back again this year to remind you that distracted driving is dangerous driving. In September 2017, the campaign reached a milestone of 20 million pledges to put away our tech and focus fully on the road ahead, and to celebrate, AT&T donated $20,000 to the Students Against Destructive Decisions safety organization.

So what can you do as we drive (safely) into 2018? Well, take the pledge yourself, for one. That alone goes a long way. Findings show that:

  • Almost half of people who pledged said they now don’t use their smartphones while driving.
  • Those who share their promise or pledge with others are even more likely to stop, and more likely to speak up to others.
  • 4-in-10 asked a friend or family member to not use their smartphone while driving.
  • One-third asked a driver to not use their smartphone while driving when riding as a passenger.
  • 4-in-10 asked a passenger to operate their smartphone while they are driving.

As parents, we’re in a unique position, both to help protect our families and model good behavior by putting away our devices when behind the wheel. Research from 2016 shows that only 36% of drivers look at their smartphone with passengers in the car, down from 64% when driving alone, and this figure drops further when that passenger is a child.

it can wait

So take the pledge for your own safety, the continued safety of your kids, and that of your community at large. Stow your phone, place your charger and mount out of arm’s reach, or just entrust your smart device to your faithful navigator (a role my 12-year-old is always eager to assume). AT&T also offers their free DriveMode app to customers of all wireless carriers on both the iPhone and Android platforms, which silences incoming alerts and calls to help drivers stay focused while driving.

It’s not too late for a New Year’s resolution, and few are more meaningful than challenging yourself to drive smart in 2018. Take the pledge to never drive distracted at

GeekDad and AT&T remind you that distracted driving is never OK. It Can Wait.

This is a sponsored blog post and I was compensated by AT&T. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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