Kickstarter GDGT 061716

10 Amazing New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter GDGT 061716
WOVNS: Woven Textiles on Demand

Giving everyone the power to design and order custom textile patterns.


Building the Playa Blanca Community Wind Workshop

Tiny beach town in Peru is getting electrified thanks to tiny windmills.


Electric World Speed Record

Out on the salt flats with a 3,000-horsepower electric car.


Voltaire: A portable, freshness-sensing coffee grinder

Monitors your beans and reorders when you need fresh ones.


Electric Embellishments – DIY Light-Up Paper Flower Kits

Party favors that might spark some curiosity about electronics.


The Leading Strand — a Design Exhibit Celebrating Science

Pairing designers and neuroscientists to make short films, chatbots, etc.


A Touch of Bass, The Sound System for the Aesthetic Genius

“We built a boombox… out of a picture… of a boombox.”


Gulliver’s dream: mechanical opera for automated marionettes

One man’s dream of creating a plug-and-play marionette show in a trailer.


Galaxy Photographic Dry Plates for Large Format

For serious fetishists of ancient photo technology.


Nixin Typeface

Inspired by the numbers on cold-cathode displays, aka nixie tubes.

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