Kickstarter Alert! Amabilis Responder Tactical Outerwear: Guaranteed for Life!

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I have kind of a jacket fetish, and the Amabilis Responder Tactical Jacket is one of the coolest, and most feature rich jackets I’ve ever seen. Currently on Kickstarter with just a few days left, the Responder Tactical Jacket and Hoody Sweatshirt is well over its funding goal.

Designed by Brian Abrams, he brings 25 years experience designing and manufacturing gear for special operations forces of the military. With his new start-up Amabilis, he aims, “to bring the same cutting-edge tactical design, premium materials, quality manufacturing I came to know and expect from military standards directly to average consumers.”

This goal shows in the many awesome features of the Responder Tactical Jacket.

With 10-plus pockets, coated neoprene armor plating with laser-cut Molle pattern webbing for accessories, velcro shoulder patches and name patches, side zippers for accessing gear, and so many more features, this is one awesome jacket. All this and they also offer a lifetime warranty!

The Responder Jacket comes in men’s and women’s styles, and offers half-sizes that they call the “.5 fit.” I’m usually between sizes, so having more sizing options would be spectacular. The Responder Jacket Kickstarter offers a detailed sizing chart to help determine your perfect fit.

Responder Jacket Features
The Responder Jacket comes in men’s and women’s and sports all of these features. Image from Kickstarter.
Full shot of Responder Jacket
Here’s a full shot of the Responder Jacket. Be sure to watch the video in the Kickstarter (or at the end of this post) to see just how cool and functional this thing is. Image from Kickstarter.

The Responder Jacket also has an optional companion insulator piece, the Responder Hoody, which deserves a whole other post worth of praise.

This type of jacket would be excellent for anyone looking for rugged and versatile outerwear but in addition to being in the coolest jacket on anyone wherever I go, this looks like it would be of great use to me professionally as well.

In addition to being a geek dad, and working at a school, I’m a volunteer firefighter. As such I often find myself transitioning at any moment from everyday civilian activities to being on an emergency scene. The velcro patches on the shoulders allow for quickly affixing or removing identifying patches allowing me to blend both in the civilian life as well as on emergency scenes. The Molle webbing allows for attaching equipment as needed, and the rugged design ensures it will stand up to daily use, and abusive environments.

Check out their Kickstarter video and drool over this superb jacket.¬†Again, there are just a few days left on this Kickstarter, so pop on over there and check it out. If nothing else, watch the videos to get a taste for how Kickstarter videos should be done– they’re top notch.

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