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How to Find GeekDad and GeekMom Content All Over the Internet

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Find our contentAs you might (or might not) have noticed, we’ve just gone through a server move and redesigns of our sites. One of the biggest changes was getting GeekMom back to living as its own separate blog again. This has caused some updates to things like RSS newsfeeds (used in apps like Feedly), which could result in confusion for our readers. Of course, we love it best when you come here to the blogs, so we see the pageviews and the advertisers who keep us running get the benefit of your eyeballs, but we know everyone has their own preferences for how to digest content; so, here’s a handy list of all the places you can find GeekDad and GeekMom content all over the internet:

If you’re especially savvy about RSS feeds, you can figure out how to more specifically subscribe to certain categories from each blog as well, such as GeekDad Tabletop Games, or GeekMom Entertainment.

You can sign up to get content notifications in your email inbox; just check for the signup widget on the homepage of each blog.

And finally, all our content is also available on the Apple News app; just search for us there!

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