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  • Word Nerd: It’s Inflammable!Word Nerd: It’s Inflammable!
    Every so often, somebody will email me about words and meanings. Sometimes it’s a suggestion for words that they’ve seen misused (most recently, invasive when …
  • Kerfuffle! Is the Best Kind of Disturbance
    Overview: Place your dice on the grid to form series or groupings of like dice, follow the instructions on the cards and be the first …
  • Word Nerd: For AffectWord Nerd: For Affect
    Today's Word Nerd is a little tricky, since the two words are related and the difference between them is fairly subtle. Both words have a …
  • Word Nerd: Vice GripWord Nerd: Vice Grip
    Today's pair of words is uniquely American; the British are sensible enough to spell both words the same way. We have vice and vise, but …
  • The World’s Greatest Mathematical Card TrickThe World’s Greatest Mathematical Card Trick
    Amaze your friends (and even yourself) with this clever trick.

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