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Anybody who has read my reviews on GeekDad for Games Workshop games will know that they usually come with a video or two from my other hobby project, “Agents of Sigmar,” a channel that features tabletop games presented by two casual and time-pressed gamers. Over at Agents of Sigmar, we’re always looking for ways to bring our terrible puns and half-baked gaming theories to a wider audience. We’ve often talked about it, and finally, the Agents of Sigmar Hobby Podcast is here! 

What Is the Agents of Sigmar Hobby Podcast?

The Agents of Sigmar Hobby Podcast was born out of our desire to talk! We used to do live chats on YouTube every Tuesday night, but during the latter stages of 2021, our enthusiasm—and therefore their popularity—waned. From the ashes of these chats has arisen this new podcast. We now meet up online, every two weeks, still on a Tuesday at 9.30 pm (UK time).

The show is streamed live on Twitch, but not everybody can make that, and we wanted to make our conversations more readily available to the world at large. A podcast felt like the right way to go. We have given our chats a much more structured format and a running time of 1 hour and 30 mins. The audio of these discussions is uploaded in podcast format and is available in all places you can find podcasts. (Or at least, so I believe, as I’m a podcast novice!)

What Topics Do We Cover?

One of the things we wanted to do with the podcast is talk about our hobby in more general terms. Where, in the past, the subject matter was heavily focused on Games Workshop, and in particular Warhammer Underworlds2022 has seen us trying to break out and play other games. We wanted to share these games and our experiences as both parents and gamers. 

So far, we have there are two full episodes available plus a few extra mini-episodes. Full episodes follow the same basic structure and will be released every two weeks. They start with a chat about what we’ve been up to, what games we’ve recorded, what we’re going to record next, community shout-outs, and a discussion of the models currently on our painting table. (They are legion!) After that, we move to our main topic of conversation, with each episode having a different theme. Episodes close out with some thoughts on books we’ve read or shows we watched, plus a lot of tongue-in-cheek unpopular opinions: “Models don’t have to be painted” or “Card sleeves are a scam,” that sort of thing.

Our mini-episodes see us discussing a particular game we’ve played or a snippet of gaming news that particularly caught our fancy. There will be no schedule to these and they’ll come as and when inspiration strikes.  

In the first episode, we ask “Why We Hobby?” What makes us devote much of our free time to painting miniatures and playing games? Why do we record it all for other people to watch?! (I don’t think the answer is “narcissism.”)

In episode two we look at hobby fatigue. What toll does a never-ending release cycle take on fans of games? This in part was inspired by my recent read of Ruth Ozeki’s The Book of Form and Emptiness. 


In future episodes, we might look at the popularity of Space Marines in the Warhammer universe or ask “Should games be more app-driven?” Who knows where we’ll go, but I do hope you’ll join us on the journey. Head GeekDad, Ken, has kindly said I can post each episode here on everybody’s favorite GeekParent website. So, look out for episode 3 in a couple of weeks’ time! Don’t forget, should you wish to follow live and contribute to the chat, you’ll find us on alternate Tuesdays at You can also find the full podcast list here. 

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