Nightwing: The New World Order #5 cover

Review – Nightwing: The New Order #5: Betrayals

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Nightwing: The New World Order #5 cover
No powers? No problem for this Superman. Image via DC Comics

Nightwing: The New Order #5 – Kyle Higgins, Writer; Trevor McCarthy, Artist; Dean White, Colorist


Ray – 7/10

Corrina: Lois & Clark! (Yes, I Know It’s Supposed To Be a Nightwing Comic)


Ray: The penultimate issue of this dark AU continues to expand the world and has some major reveals, but it still suffers from one major issue that has persisted from the first issue – its version of Dick Grayson makes no sense. The issue opens with Kate Kane – who is rather unambiguously villainous here, which is disappointing – interrogating her officer, Liz, who has sympathies to metahumans. She’s been helping Dick avoid capture, and the Titans are currently in the fight of their life against Mr. Freeze. This is a tense segment, as the powered-up Freeze manages to de-power Wally West and nearly capture the entire team until Jake displays powers that are far beyond what anyone suspected. Lois Lane, as a blue lantern, really steals the show here, proving herself to be one of the most badass characters in this or any universe.

But then, as the team plans to escape, Dick once again makes clear that he has no intention of turning against the regime he helped build and only wants to get his son to safety. Every time he’s given a chance to reform, he winds up going the other direction for no good reason. Yet, Jake somehow trusts him more than Kory, who he resents deeply for leaving. The issue takes a very interesting turn once it hits Metropolis, which we learn is protected by a reformed, one-armed Lex Luthor – and a depowered Superman, who swings an axe in defense of the little guy. Honestly, if we had been following this duo in this world since the start, this could have been a fantastic series. But alas, we’re following evil bureaucrat Nightwing, who once again betrays his former friends and tries to cut a deal with Kate at the end of the issue. It just doesn’t feel like Dick Grayson.

Corrina: This book became interesting with the introduction of the non-powered Titans last issue and now Lois steals the show this time and it got better because this issue included the best Lois and Clark moment in forever when the team of rebels returned to Metropolis. Can Higgins write that Superman and Lois comic? Please?

Alas, those moments aren’t enough to make the entire concept work. It’s good we find out that Dick acted to depower people after a possessed Superman killed Bruce but that bit of knowledge would have been more helpful at the beginning of this series. Does this story want me to actively root against its title character? Because that is what’s happening.

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