GeekDad Review: Puro Sound BT2200 Children’s Headphones

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My kids are tough on headphones. In my household, we have started buying “extra sets” just because it is a short matter of time before the wire breaks or the cat chews up an ear cushion. Because of this, we do not invest a lot of money in high end headphones. I know, I know – if we did make the investment, they might last longer because they are made better. Well my kids had not proven that they could handle that responsibility yet.

As a gift this year, my daughter really wanted a nice pair of wireless headphones. Of course we are not talking about Dre Beats or anything that pricey, but something nicer than the $10 plastic sets that we normally purchase at Target. She is ten years old and does everything on an iPad now. From homework to watching TV, it is all on an iPad. So we wanted to get something that would work with that and last.

Since she is only 10, we wanted to get a set of headphones that also could not be turned up too loud – Like I have said earlier, she wears them all the time. All of this criteria, lead us to pick the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth Wireless Children’s Headphones. Puro Sound Labs headphones have a volume governor that limits the sound to 85 decibels. This is in part because the founder, Dave Russell learned his daughter had developed Noise Induced Hearing Loss when she was in middle school. Russell, like myself, noticed that there where many varieties of cheap “little kids” headphones that have sound limiting, but nothing that a middle school or older child would want to use.

When my daughter received the BT2200 headphones for her tenth birthday she was very happy. I too was very surprised at the quality of the headphones. They come in a crush resistance case that holds them well in their fold flat position and they are made of a Light Weight Aluminum. They also cover the entire ear with a soft leather cushion that is made to wear for long periods of time.

If you are looking of a great gift or replacements for a young person, I would recommend the Puro Sound BT2200s. They last for an entire day on one charge (18 hours listed), and they come in fashionable colors that any kids would like: white, black, blue and purple. To get a set for yourself, or to find out more, click here.

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